How to Calculate Average If within Date Range in Excel (3 Ways)

In this article, we will know, how to calculate the average if within a date range. We will use a sample dataset containing Date, Region, and Sales. We want to calculate the average of sales between a certain date range. Let’s see, some methods for Excel to count average if within date range.

Excel average if within date

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3 Ways to Count Average If within the Date Range in Excel

We will go through three simple and easy methods including AVERAGEIFS, AVERAGE, and SUMPRODUCT functions.

Method 1: Count Average If within Date Range Using AVERAGEIFS Function

The most used formula for average if within a date is AVERAGEIFS. Let’s jump into this method.

Here, we want to calculate the average sales between the dates 22/03/2022 and 29/03/2022.


  • First, click on the F5 cell and type the following formula.
=AVERAGEIFS(D5:D15, B5:B15,"<=29/03/2022", B5:B15,">=22/03/2022")

Excel average if within date Averageifs function

  • After that, press ENTER key.

This formula will calculate the average number of sales from the date 23/03/2022 to 28/03/2022.

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Method 2: Average with If Condition within Date Range Using AVERAGE Function

Now, we will see another method to calculate the average if within the date range. Suppose, we want to know the average sales from 20/03/2022 to 28/03/2022. To calculate that we are going to use the AVERAGE function along with IF.


  • First,click on cell F5 and type the following formula.

Excel average if within date using average and if function

  • Finally, press the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER key altogether (only ENTER will be enough if you are an Excel 365 user).

Excel average if within date using average and if function

Formula Break down

  • Here, IF((B5:B15>=B5)*(B5:B15<=B13),D5:D15) formula will yield the result as {100;200;300;400;500;600;700;800;900;FALSE;FALSE}, where it took all the sale values within our specified range.
  • Then AVERAGE({100;200;300;400;500;600;700;800;900;FALSE;FALSE}) will give us the output 500.

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Method 3: Calculate Average with If Condition by SUMPRODUCT

At the end of this post, we will see the use of the SUMPRODUCT function to average if within a date range in Excel. Here, we will calculate the average of sales from the date 21/03/2022 before the date 28/03/2022.


  • At first, type the following formula in cell F5.

  • Finally, press the ENTER key.

Excel average if within date using sumproduct

Formula Breakdown 

  • Here, SUMPRODUCT(–(B5:B15>=B6),–(B5:B15<B14),D5:D15) yields the result 4400 
  • SUMPRODUCT(–(B5:B15>=B6),–(B5:B15<B14)) yields the result 8. That’s why we used a division in our formula which will calculate the average.

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Practice Section

The single most crucial aspect in becoming accustomed to these quick approaches is practice. As a result, we’ve attached a practice workbook where you may practice these methods.


These are 3 different methods in Excel to average if within date. Based on your preferences, you may choose the best alternative. Please leave them in the comments area if you have any questions or feedback.

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  1. Hi! This is helpful but I am interested to see if you could do average sales in a time period and a county. So let’s say, I want to find the average sales in May in each country. Could you help me with a formula for that?

    • Hi MKM,
      Thanks for your comment. To answer your question, we can use the dataset below. It contains 3 rows of sales for Germany. The first sale happened in March and the other two sales happened in May. From this dataset, we can easily calculate the average sales for May in Germany.
      excel average if
      To calculate the average sales for May in Germany, select Cell F5 and type the formula below:
      =AVERAGEIFS(D5:D15, B5:B15,”<=5/31/2022", B5:B15,">=5/01/2022″,C5:C15,”Germany”)
      Press Enter to see the result.
      excel average if
      I hope this will help you to solve your problem. Please let us know your queries if you face any issues.

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