How to Create a Data Log in Excel (2 Suitable Ways)

One of the common uses of Microsoft Excel is for data logs or entries for most of the root-level users. As Excel has limitless cells, the users don’t need to be tense. But setting data one after one is monotonous work. For that, a data log is a good solution. In this article, we will discuss how to create a data log in Excel in detail.

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What Is a Data Log in Excel?

The Data Log is a kind of form to gather data systematically. This makes data entry very easy. People don’t need to choose cells every time for data entry. They will put data in a specific form. And that form will decide where to locate data in the Excel worksheet.

We are showing a sample data log based on the Excel table. Basic data of employees are stored here.

  • First, select all the cells with data.
  • Now, choose the Table option from the Insert tab.

Create Data Log

  • The Create Table window will appear.
  • Our selected range will be shown here. Check the My table has headers option.

  • Finally, press OK.

We can see a table has been formed. There is a sign on the right bottom, that indicates the table area.

Create Data Log

  • We can expand the table easily. Press the Tab button from the keyboard and the table automatically expands.

There is a shortcut to forming a table, press Ctrl+T.

This is what a data log looks like in a table form. But we will show how to create a data log just by inputting information into a custom form and that will make a dataset.

How to Create a Data Log in Excel: 2 Methods

We are going to discuss 2 methods to create a data log in Excel.

1. Create Data Log Using Customized Excel Form

We will apply this customized form in Excel Table to enter data smoothly.

📌 Steps:

  • Go to the upper top portion of the worksheet.
  • Press the right button of the mouse on the existing icon of the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Now, click on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar option.

Create Data Log from Customized Excel Form

  • The Excel Options window appears now.
  • Select the Quick Access Toolbar from the right side table.
  • Choose All Commands of the Choose commands from section.

Create Data Log from Customized Excel Form

  • Select Form and click the Add button.

Create Data Log from Customized Excel Form

  • Select the Form option of the Customize Quick Access Toolbar section. Finally, click OK.

  • We can see the Form icon added to the worksheet.

  • Now, select any cell of the table. Then, click on the Form icon.

Create Data Log from Customized Excel Form

Customize Form window appears now. And the information of the 1st cell is shown.

  • Now, click on the New option of the Customize Form.
  • Input values in different cells and then click on New.

Create Data Log from Customized Excel Form

  • Have a look at the following image.

We can see a new row is added to the table.

  • The Customize Form has multiple options to perform.
  • We can move the navigator to get further data.

There are also options to go previous and next option. We can discover any item from the Criteria option.

  • Click on the Criteria button.
  • We can search based on any option of the input data. We will search based on the Department option. We can click on the Find Prev and Find Next options.

Create Data Log from Customized Excel Form

  • We can click on the Find Next button.

This is the easiest way for a data log.

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2. Create Data Log Using OndeDrive Forms

In this section, we will use the OneDrive based Form. This is a Microsoft product to create a data log. Please have a look below.

📌 Steps:

  • First, enter the Onedrive from any browser.
  • Click on New from the Forms survey option.

Create Data Log from OndeDrive Form

  • A form appears named Untitled form.

  • Rename the form as Employee Information.

Now, we will add options to the input data.

  • Click on the Add new option.

  • A row appears with different options.
  • Click on the Text option.

Create Data Log from OndeDrive Form

  • We can make the options mandatory or compulsory.
  • Click on Required to make it mandatory.

Create Data Log from OndeDrive Form

  • Similarly, add other columns.
  • Click on the Preview option.

Create Data Log from OndeDrive Form

  • Have a look at the window.

This is the user interface. We can also see there are 2 options desktop view and mobile view.

  • Now, input the information. And, then click on Submit button.

  • Finally, see a submitted response.

  • Now, go to the Responses tab.

Create Data Log from OndeDrive Form

We can see the inputted information. Also, there is the Open in Excel option to download the Excel file.

This is what the Excel file looks like after inserting information.

Quick Notes

  • For Method 1, Excel table is mandatory.
  • In Methode 2, internet connectivity is a must, and the user must have an email address.

Download Practice Workbook

Download this practice workbook to exercise while you are reading this article.


In this article, we described how to create a data log in Excel. Of them, one method is web-based. I hope this will satisfy your needs. Don’t forget to give your suggestions in the comment box.

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