How to Apply the COUNTIF Function When a Cell Contains Specific Text – 3 Methods


This is the sample dataset.

3 Easy Methods to Apply COUNTIF When Cell Contains Specific Text

Method 1 – Counting the Exactly Matched String

Use the COUNTIF function.


  • Create four extra fields.

To count how many times the string HPP-08 is in C5:C12 and have an exact match:

  • Enter the following formula in C15.

To match the exact cell value of B15 and count it in C5:C12:

Counting Exactly Matched String as An Easy Method to Apply COUNTIF When Cell Contains Specific Text

  • Press Enter to see the result.

Method 2 – Counting a Partially Matched String

To count a partially matched string, how many cells in C5:C12 contain the substring HPP:


  • Enter the following formula in C15.
=COUNTIF(C5:C12, "*HPP*")

Enumerating Partially Matched String as An Easy Method to Apply COUNTIF When Cell Contains Specific Text

  • Press Enter and the number of counts will be displayed.

Method 3 – Counting Case Sensitive Strings

Combine the SUMPRODUCT, ISNUMBER, and FIND functions.


To count the string HPP only, the COUNTIF returns both HPP and Hpp.

  • Use the following formula in C15.

Formula Breakdown


  • The FIND function goes through each cell in C5:C12 and searches for the value of B15. The function searches for an exact match and returns the matching position.
  • The ISNUMBER function converts the matching numbers into TRUE and everything else into FALSE.
  • The two minus signs convert TRUE into 1’s and  FALSE into 0’s.
  • The SUMPRODUCT function returns the sum of the array.

  • Press Enter to see the result: 1.

Things to Remember

  • The formula containing a wildcard character or asterisk sign will not work if the data range contains numeric values only.

Download Practice Workbook

Download the free Excel workbook here.

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