How to Convert CSV File to VCF Using Excel (with Easy Steps)

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One of the widely used programs for organizing data storage is Microsoft Excel. Excel spreadsheets allow you to conduct operations and store enormous amounts of data easily. In Microsoft Excel, you can also convert CSV to VCF. This article will show how to convert CSV to VCF using Excel without any online software. I hope you find this article very informative.

Convert CSV to VCF Using Excel: Easy Steps

In order to convert CSV to VCF using Excel, we have found step-by-step procedures. In general, there are three legit steps through which you can easily convert. First, you need to convert your Excel file into a CSV file. Secondly, import contacts from the CSV file. Finally, export contacts to VCF. To understand the whole thing in detail, follow the steps.

Step 1: Convert Excel to CSV File

Our first step is to convert Excel to a CSV file. So, we need to have a dataset that includes some names and numbers. After that, we will save it as a CSV file.

  • First, open the Excel file which you want to convert into a CSV file.
  • Then, place a dataset that contains some names and their numbers.

  • After that, go to the File tab on the ribbon.
  • Then, select Save As command.
  • Select the Browse option from there.

  • As a result, we will see a new window.
  • Here, we need to set the File name.
  • Then, from the Save as type, select the CSV(comma delimited) file option.
  • After that, click on Save.

Convert Excel to CSV File

  • Finally, we will get the CSV file type from Excel.

Step 2: Import Contacts from CSV File

In our second step, we would like to import contacts from a CSV file. That’s why we will utilize the Windows icon and try to import contacts from the CSV file which was made by us previously.

  • First, click on the Windows
  • Then, search for the Run option from there.

  • In the Run dialog box, write down Contacts.

  • As a result, the Contacts pane will occur.
  • Then, click on the Import option.

Import Contacts from CSV File to Convert CSV File to VCF Using Excel

  • After that, select CSV(Comma Separated Values) from Import to Windows Contacts.
  • Then, select Import.

  • As a result, CSV Import will occur.
  • Then, select the Browse option.

  • Select the CSV file that you created from an Excel file previously.

Get Contacts from CSV File to Convert CSV File to VCF Using Excel

  • Then, click on Next.

  • As a result, we will get two text fields.
  • First, select the Converting CSV to VCF option.

  • The Change Mapping dialog box will appear.
  • Select Name from the drop-down arrow.
  • Check on the Import this field option.
  • Then, select OK.

  • After that, follow a similar procedure and select Mobile Phone as Contacts Field from Column 1
  • Finally, click on Finish.

  • As a consequence, the Import to Windows Contacts dialog box will occur.
  • Then, select Close.

  • As a result, you will see all the contacts will occur in this way. See the screenshot.

Take Contacts from CSV File to Convert CSV File to VCF Using Excel

Step 3: Export Contacts to VCF

Our last step is to export contacts to VCF. In this step, we will show how to export the imported contacts into VCF.

  • First, select the Export option.

  • Then, the Export Windows Contacts dialog box.
  • Select vCards (folders of .vcf files).
  • Then, select Export.

Export Contacts to VCF to Convert CSV File to VCF Using Excel

  • As a result, the Browse For Folder window will appear.
  • Then, select Make New Folder.

  • After that, set the folder name as Contact VCF.
  • Then, click on OK.

Put Contacts to VCF to Convert CSV File to VCF Using Excel

  • As a result, you will get a confirmation message box.
  • Click on OK.

  • Then, in the Export Windows Contacts window, click on Close.

Shift Contacts to VCF to Convert CSV File to VCF Using Excel

  • As a consequence, we get the converted VCF in a folder.

  • When we enter the folder, we will see all the contacts in a VCF file.

Set Contacts to VCF to Convert CSV File to VCF Using Excel

💬 Things to Remember

  • You can use some online software to convert CSV to VCF but if you consider using Excel without any software, then, this article will provide you with enough details.
  • As this is a manual process, it is a time-consuming process.
  • We use Excel 365 and Windows 10 versions to solve the problem. If you use other versions, then you may face some minor changes while doing the job.

Download Practice Workbook

Download the practice workbook below.


To convert CSV to VCF using Excel, we have shown step-by-step procedures through which you can easily understand the process. We have divided the procedures into three steps. All three steps are user-friendly. Moreover, this article has shown you how to convert Excel to VCF without software. I hope we covered all possible areas of this topic, If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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  2. Thank you, this was a big help. I had trouble with the contacts mysteriously disappearing on a sim card when transferring to a new phone. At least I was able to get them from a back up and type them into an excel spread sheet. Now they’re in a .vcf format I can safely back them up across the PC and email as well as put them on any phone or device now.

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