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Sanjida Ahmed, who graduated from Daffodil International University with a degree in Software Engineering, has worked with SOFTEKO since 2021. She has written over 100 articles on Excel & VBA and, since 2022, has worked as the Project Manager of the Excel Extension Development Project in the Software Development Department. Since starting this software development, she has established an outstanding workflow encompassing a full SDLC. She always tries to create a bridge between her skills and interests in Artificial Intelligence.


Software Developer


Project Manager in Microsoft Office Extension Development project in SOFTEKO.

Lives in

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


BSc in Software Engineering (SWE) in Daffodil International University.


Java (J2SE, J2EE), Spring, C#, .Net, (Core, MVC, Entity), C, HTML, CSS, PHP, UML, SQL, SQLite, VBA, VB.Net, MATLAB, Selenium, Git, Linux (Ubuntu, Mint), LaTeX, Microsoft Office.

Academic Projects



Robotics Project

  • Obstacle Avoiding Autonomous Car
  • Line Tracing and Locating an Object Robot


  • Software Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Team Management


  • Currently working as Project Manager in Microsoft Office Extension Development project in SOFTEKO.
  • Started technical content writing of Excel & VBA in October 2021 in SOFTEKO.

Research & Publication

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  2. Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for your comment. Have you checked the method no. 2 (VBA Macro to Export Excel Contents with Specified Range to a Pipe Delimited Text File) of this article? I think that solves your problem.

  3. Hi James, In some cases, Excel’s IsNumeric property doesn’t always produce the correct result in VBA. Could you please try If Cells(i, 1) = 103 Then instead of If IsNumeric(Cells(i, 1)) = 103 Then in your code?

  4. Hello Maurice,
    Really glad to help you out. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any further assistance. Thanks.

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