Why Does Excel Autosave Keep Turning Off (Reason & Solution)

This article highlights the basic reasons possible for excel autosave to keep turning off. AutoSave is a great feature in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for Office 365 users. It saves your document automatically while you are working and allows you to avoid accidental loss of data.

Why Does Excel Autosave Keep Turning Off?

If you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you will see the AutoSave button at the top left corner of the Excel window. But you need to store the Excel document on SharePoint Online, OneDrive, or OneDrive for Business to use this feature. And then open it from OneDrive or SharePoint. Otherwise, AutoSave will keep turning off every time you reopen the excel document.

Excel Autosave Feature

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A Solution Regarding β€˜Excel AutoSave Keeps Turning Off’ Issue

Now, follow the steps below to solve the issue.

πŸ“Œ Step-1: Change Excel Options

  • First, press ALT+F+T to open Excel Options. Then, go to the Save Next, and mark the checkbox for AutoSave files stored in the Cloud by default in Excel. After that, press the OK button.

Why Does Excel Autosave Keep Turning Off

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πŸ“Œ Step-2: Open OneDrive Settings

  • Now go to your OneDrive settings if installed as shown below.

πŸ“Œ Step-3: Enable OneDrive Sync for Office Applications

  • Then, check the checkbox for β€œUse Office applications to Sync Office files that I open” from the Office tab as shown in the following picture. Next, press the OK button.

πŸ“Œ Step-4: Save the Document on OneDrive

  • After that, save the document on the OneDrive folder on your PC. Then the AutoSave button should be enabled automatically. If not then click on the AutoSave button to enable it.

  • Alternatively, you can click on the AutoSave button if you have already saved your workbook to a different location, for example, D drive. Then excel will prompt you to upload the document on OneDrive. Do that and the AutoSave feature will be enabled.

πŸ“Œ Step-5: Open the File from OneDrive Only

  • Now open the file from OneDrive using File Explorer or the OneDrive app. Do not open the file from the earlier location on your PC i.e. from the D drive where the file was saved initially. Otherwise, the AutoSave button will keep turning off because that drive is not synced by OneDrive.

Things to Keep in Mind

You should not open the Excel document from its earlier location on your PC. Always open it from the OneDrive folder or the folder synced by OneDrive. Otherwise, the Excel AutoSave feature will keep turning off every time you reopen the file from there.


Now you know why AutoSave keeps turning off in Excel. Please let us know if the above steps helped you solve this issue. You can also use the comment section below for further queries or suggestions. Do visit our ExcelDemy blog to learn about more solutions to excel related problems. Stay with us and keep learning.

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