How to Turn Off Autosave in Excel (With Quick Steps)

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AutoSave is one of the latest features of Microsoft Office 365. When we enable AutoSave, it saves the work after some time. And for that, we need active internet connectivity all the time. However, sometimes you may find it unexpected to get every change automatically saved. So, in this article, we will discuss how to turn off this AutoSave feature in Excel.

What Is Excel AutoSave Feature?

AutoSave is a new feature of Microsoft Office. It is available in the latest version of MS Office like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. As you turn it on, it will open a copy of your file in the cloud and you can recover each of the versions of your last file version using this feature.

Turn Off Autosave

Besides, older versions (all the newer versions too) have a built-in AutoSave feature which can be enabled/disabled from Excel options (we will see it later).

How to Turn Off Autosave in Excel: Step-by-Step Procedures

As we see, there are two different autosave features in newer Excel versions. One needs an internet connection to work with it. And the other traditional autosave feature works for auto-recovery. We will see how to turn off both of them.

You can turn off this feature with just a single click. Do you see the AutoSave button in the upper-left corner of your worksheet window? If it is turned on, then click again on it. It will get turned off. See the following image.

Besides, we have found an option to turn off autosave from Excel options, which is not working properly on our part. However, we are showing it if it works for you. It demands restarting Excel after selecting or unselecting the option to make it happen.

Is this option working for you? Please let us know in the comment box.

Turn Off the AutoRecovery Feature to Stop Excel from Saving Your Work Automatically:

However, if you are not an MS Office 365 user, and you mean auto recovers by the word ‘AutoSave’, and actually want to turn off the auto recover feature as you don’t want to save your file’s minute-by-minute changes, then you can do that by applying the following steps.

📌 Step 1: Go to Excel Options

  • First, we will open the Excel file.
  • Now, click on the File tab.
  • Here, we get a menu card. Choose Options from the menu.
  • Excel Options window appears.

📌 Step 2: Disable AutoRecovery from Excel Options

  • Click on Save from the left box.
  • We found the Save workbooks field on the right side.
  • Unmark the Save AutoRecover information every 1 minute(s) option.
  • Then, choose the format of the saved file. We chose the Excel workbook.

Turn off autosave in Excel

  • Finally, press OK.

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In this article, we described how to turn off AutoSave in Excel. I hope this will satisfy your needs. Please use the comment section below for further queries or suggestions.

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