How to Turn on Spell Check in Excel (3 Ways)

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While working in Excel, Excel might not correct all the spelling mistakes but it offers some methods to automatically check spelling mistakes. We will see 3 types of methods in this post on How to Turn on Spell Check in Excel. We will use a sample data set as an example for understanding it better. Our dataset contains Names, Products, Region, and Education.

Turn on spell check in Excel

How to Turn on Spell Check in Excel: 3 Effective Ways

In this article, we will see the use of the Review tab, shortcut key, and VBA code to Turn on Spell Check in Excel.
Before starting the methods, let’s explore an option, which is one of the coolest features in Excel. At first, we will go to the File options to review if the in-built options are convenient for us or not.


  • First, click on the File menu.

Turn on spell check in Excel menu bar

  • Then, go to the Options.

  • Now, click on Proofing.

Turn on spell check in Excel proofing

  • After that, a dialogue box will pop up and select AutoCorrect Options.

  • A new dialogue box will pop up, from where we will choose the correcting options as we need.

Turn on spell check in Excel methods

For your information, these autocorrect spell options and methods are applicable for all Excel versions.

Method 1: Turn on Spell Check in Excel from Review Tab

As you can see from the sample dataset, it contains several spelling mistakes which are apparent from the following image.

One thing we have to remember is that, if we select cells or range then apply spell check, Excel will do corrections for the applied field. Otherwise, it will start spell-checking from the first cell in the workbook.


  • First, select the cells or range we want to spell-check.

Turn on spell check in Excel methods

  • Now, go to the Review Tab and click Spelling.

Turn on spell check in Excel review tab

A dialogue box will pop up, like the image below.

As you can see suggestions are available, we can choose accordingly and click on Change or Change All to correct all Sirt to Shirt. After checking one cell, it will move to the right in the same row to check spelling mistakes.

If you think, the spelling is correct, and some other native words you can ignore them also. All the options are available there.
Finally, correcting all the spelling mistakes, our result will look like the following image.

Turn on spell check in Excel review tab

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Method 2: Turn on Spell Check Using Shortcut

The easiest way to turn on spell check in Excel is the Function key F7.


  • If you are using a Desktop computer then Selecting the area of the dataset and pressing F7 will do.
  • If using a Laptop or any other device which have an Fn button, then you have to press Fn+F7.

Turn on spell check in Excel F7

After that, you can make changes according to your need.

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Method 3: VBA to Turn on Spell Check

We can also use VBA to turn on spell check. In this section, we will see how the VBA code does the task for us.


  • First, right-click on the sheet, and go to View Code.

Turn on spell check in Excel vba

  • After that, copy and paste the VBA code below.

VBA code:

Sub TurnonSpellCheckInExcel()


End Sub

  • After that, press the CTRL+S or Save button to save the code.

  • Now, select the first cell of the workbook or select the data region and go to Developer > Macros.

Turn on spell check macros

  • Now, click on Run to run the code.

Our spell checker will turn on for the selected cell.

That’s it. This code is the command to turn on spell check in Excel.

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Practice Section

The single most crucial aspect in becoming accustomed to these quick approaches is practice. As a result, we’ve attached a practice workbook where you may practice these methods.

Turn on spell check methods

Download Practice Workbook


These are 3 different methods on  How to Turn on Spell Check in Excel. Based on your preferences, you may choose the best alternative. Please leave them in the comments area if you have any questions or feedback

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