How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

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Often we have to start Excel in Safe mode and after that, we have to turn it off. In this article, I will show you how to turn off safe mode in Excel in 2 easy ways.

What Is Safe Mode?

When you face Excel crashing every time at the time of opening, you can try opening it in Safe mode. When it starts in this Mode, it is actually opening without some extensions, add-ins, and start-up programs which may be preventing the software from opening. So, after opening in that mode, you may try removing probable start-up programs or add-ins one by one to find out which is causing the problem.

Why Do We Need to Turn Off Safe Mode in Excel?

It’s important to turn off safe mode in Excel because you are restricted from a number of features while you are in this mode The restrictions are as follows:

  • Any externally loaded programs or features will not load in Excel.
  • Normal Toolbar will not load and any customizations done in this Mode will not be saved.
  • The Autocorrect list will not load and changes will not save.
  • The recovered documents will not be shown automatically.
  • It will constrain to create and access the documents which are with restricted permission.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Excel: 2 Easy Ways

Turning off this mode in Excel becomes very important sometimes. And it is very easy to turn off this in Excel. Here, I am showing you 2 easy ways to turn off this in Excel.

1. Exiting and Restarting Excel

You can simply exit from Excel software and restart it and you will see it has turned off. So, to check the problem preventing Excel to turn on just exit and restart the software. If it starts perfectly then you have solved the problem.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Excel

2. Disable Excel Safe Mode from Trust Center

Sometimes you can face that, Excel is automatically opening in this mode. You can disable this setting in Excel. Follow the steps below to disable it permanently.

📌 Steps:

  • Open an Excel file and go to the File tab.

  • Then, the Excel Options window will appear. Here, select the Trust Center option from the left side menu.
  • In this menu, click on the Trust Center Settings

How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Excel

  • Then, a new window will open named Trust Center.
  • Go to the ActiveX Settings from the menu.
  • Here, unmark the check box for Safe mode.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Excel

And you have disabled this mode opening in Excel. Now, you can try opening Excel with this mode but it will open in normal mode.


To use the Trust Center settings, you have to open the Excel file in normal mode.

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In this article, I have shown you how to turn off safe mode in Excel. Try these ways yourself. I hope you found this article helpful. Please, drop comments, suggestions, or queries if you have any in the comment section below.

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