How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

Method 1 – Exiting and Restarting Excel to Turn Off Safe Mode

You can simply close Excel and restart it and it’s possible that Safe Mode is turned off automatically.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Excel

Method 2 – Disable Excel Safe Mode from Trust Center

It happens that Excel automatically opens in this mode. When it does you can disable the Safe Mode setting. Follow the steps below to disable it permanently.


  • Open your Excel file and go to the File tab.

  • The Excel Options window will appear.
  • Select the Trust Center option from the left side menu.
  • Click on Trust Center Settings

How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Excel

  • A new window will open named Trust Center.
  • Go to ActiveX Settings.
  • Unmark the check box for Safe mode.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Excel


To use the Trust Center settings, you have to open the Excel file in normal mode.

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