How to Share a 3D Map in Excel (3 Easy Methods)

In this article, we will show you 3 methods of how to share a 3D Map in Excel. To demonstrate our methods, we have selected a dataset with 3 columns: “Occupation”, “Location”, and “Average Salary”. This dataset represents the mean salary of 6 occupations, and we are going to create and share a 3D Map using this data.

how to share a 3d map in excel Intro

How to Create a 3D Map in Excel

Before, showing the methods of how to share a 3D Map, we will demonstrate to you the steps to create a 3D Map in Excel.


  • First, select any cell within the dataset. Here, we have selected cell D6.
  • Then, from the Insert tab >>> select 3D Map.

A dialog box will appear.

  • Press Enable.

how to share a 3d map in excel Enable 3D Map

Then, the “Launch 3D Maps” window will appear.

  • Select New Tour.

Our 3D Map window will appear.

how to share a 3d map in excel 3D Map Welcome Window

We can see the “Layer Pane” on the right side of the screen. Here, we will modify our 3D Map settings.

  • First, change the type of the “Locationcolumn to “State/Province” by clicking on the drop-down list.

  • Secondly, select “Average Salary” inside the Height box.

how to share a 3d map in excel Layout Pane

  • Thirdly, select “Occupation” under the Category Drop Down List.

how to share a 3d map in excel Layout Pane 2

This is what our 3D Map looks like after these steps.

  • Now, turn on “Map Labels” by selecting it.

how to share a 3d map in excel Enable Label

And, our Map will show the name of the States.

Moreover, our dataset will contain a message of 3D Maps

3D Maps Tours.
This workbook has 3D Maps tours available.
Open 3D Maps to edit or play the tours.

how to share a 3d map in excel Final Step

Thus, we can create a 3D Map in Excel.

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How to Share a 3D Map in Excel: 3 Easy Methods

1. Using Capture Screen Command to Share a 3D Map in Excel

For the first method, we are going to take a Screenshot of our 3D Map and import it into PowerPoint to share the Map.


  • First, select “Capture Screen” from the Ribbon of the 3D Map window.

We will store this 3D Map on our Clipboard.

  • Then, Open a PowerPoint file.

how to share a 3d map in excel PowerPoint window

  • After that, press CTRL+V to paste that Map from the Clipboard to our PowerPoint file.
  • Finally, Save the file.

We can share this file via email, thumb drive, and other popular means.

2. Share a 3D Map in Excel by Creating Video

For the second method, we will output our 3D Map as a video and share this video via the share menu in Windows.


  • To begin with, enable Tour Editor by clicking it from the Ribbon.

how to share a 3d map in excel Screenshot

  • In addition, select “Change scene options” (the gear icon) inside Scene 1.
  • Then, set the following values inside the Scene Options dialog box
    • Scene duration (sec)1.50.
    • Transition duration (sec) 1.75.
    • Effect Push In.

  • Afterward, select “Create Video”.

how to share a 3d map in excel Video

  • A new dialog box named “Create Video” will appear.
  • Next, select “Quick Export & Mobile”.
  • So, our video will be in a smaller file size.
  • However, you can select other options, depending on your needs.
  • After that, select Create.

  • Afterward, The Save dialog box will appear.
  • Next, select your directory.
  • Type a file name, which is optional of course.
  • Then, press Save.

how to share a 3d map in excel Save Dialog Box

  • Now, we can see a Progress Bar of our video encoding process.
  • Press Close when it is completed.

  • Then, we can go to the file location to see our file.

how to share a 3d map in excel Output Video

Here is the output of our file in animated image format.

We can use the Window built-in share feature to share our 3D Map.

  • To begin with, Right-Click on the file and click on the Share button.

how to share a 3d map in excel Share Video

  • Lastly, we can email our 3D Map in Excel as a video file using this feature.

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3. Share a 3D Map via Email in Excel

For the last method, we will share the Excel file to achieve our target of sharing the 3D Map.


  • To begin with, press ALT, F, and then Z to bring up the Excel Share window.
  • Then, select “Excel Workbook”.

how to share a 3d map in excel

  • So, the Outlook window will appear with our file attached.
  • Next, type the recipient’s email address in the “To” field.
  • Lastly, press Send.

how to share a 3d map in excel

Moreover, we can check our email inbox to verify the Workbook is shared correctly.

how to share a 3d map in excel Email Sent

Things to Remember

  • First, the 3D Map feature is only available on the Windows platform and from Excel 2013. Therefore, the earlier versions will not have access to this feature and you cannot use this feature on Apple’s OS.
  • Next, it was known as Power Map in Excel 2013. Later, Microsoft renamed it 3D Map.
  • Lastly, if we create a 3D Map on Excel 2016, it will not be compatible with Excel 2013.

Download Practice Workbook


We have shown you 3 quick-and-easy to understand methods of how to share a 3D Map in Excel. If you face any problems regarding these methods or have any feedback for me, feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading, keep excelling!

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