How to Remove Excel Add-In (3 Quick Ways)

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Excel add-ins are used to work with additional functionality in excel. By default, add-ins are not promptly available in Excel. We need to install it to use the features. But sometimes it creates complexity in our file and has to remove the add-in file from excel. In this article, we exhibit to remove the excel add-in.

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What is an Excel Add-In?

Microsoft Excel add-ins provide additional commands and functionality. An add-in is a program that appends new attributes to excel. Excel add-in contains the macro file with extension “.xlam”.

Benefits of Add-In

Excel add-ins reserve our time. It helps to keep away from errors and also helps to do tedious work in a quick manner. With this, we can simplify the formula in excel. We can customize the menu or toolbar. Also, with this, we can remove the commands and add new commands.

3 Easy Methods to Remove Excel Add-In

After installing Excel add-ins, the .xlam file spontaneously opens each and every time while opening the excel file. So if we don’t wish to run the add-ins every time we can simply remove them from excel.

1. Take off Add-Ins from Option Menu

As we already know that add-ins are not in excel by default. So installed excel add-ins sometimes create difficulties. We can remove the excel add-in from the Options menu bar. To remove it, let’s follow the steps below.


  • First, go to the File tab on the ribbon.

  • This will take us to the home page of excel.
  • Next, choose the Options menu.

Take off Add-ins from Option Menu

  • This will appear in the Excel Options dialog box.
  • After that, click on the Add-ins category.
  • Further, from the Manage drop-down menu bar, select Excel Add-ins.

Take off Add-ins from Option Menu

  • Furthermore, after selecting Excel Add-ins, click on Go….

Take off Add-ins from Option Menu

  • As a result, the Add-ins dialog box will be open.
  • Then, uncheck the add-ins we wish to remove.
  • Finally, click on the OK button.

Remove Excel Add-in

2. Totally Detach Excel Add-In

To remove excel add-ins completely, we can remove them easily by following the steps down.


  • Firstly, by the same token as before, go to the File tab.
  • Secondly, select the Options menu.
  • Next, click on the Add-ins category.
  • After that, select the file we want to remove.
  • If we keep an eye on the Location, we can see the location of that specific file.

Remove Excel Add-in

  • Now, close the Excel file.
  • Then, go to that shown path where the file is saved on our computer.
  • After that, delete or rename the file.

Totally Detach Add-ins in Excel

  • Again, open excel and traverse to the Add-ins category by following the previous steps.
  • Then, press the “Go…” button and open the Add-ins dialog box.
  • Finally, click OK.

Totally Detach Add-ins in Excel

  • Finally, a Microsoft Excel message box will appear, showing that the file does not exist.
  • Then, click OK.

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3. Remove Excel Add-In from Toolbar

We can remove excel add-ins from the toolbar. To do this, let’s demonstrate the steps below.


  • In the beginning, go to the Developer tab on the ribbon.
  • Next, click on Excel Add-ins.

Remove Excel Add-in from Toolbar

  • This will easily open the Add-ins dialog box.
  • Now, uncheck the add-in we wish to remove.
  • In the end, click OK.

Remove Excel Add-in

Add-Ins Can Not be Removed from Excel

Once we have done work with an add-in, there is no easy method to get rid of it. Only we can move or delete the file and then waiting for a prompt is an option.

Things to Remember

  • Excel add-ins work for the windows version of Excel 2007 and beyond.


The above methods assist you to remove add-ins in Excel. Hope this will help you! If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback please let us know in the comment section. Or you can have a glance at our other articles in the blog!

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