How to Create Pivot Table with Values as Text (with Easy Steps)

The following figure shows a table and a pivot table created from the table. The table has no numeric data, containing a list of some employees, their location, and gender. Though the table has no numeric values, it is possible to create a useful pivot table by counting the items.

Create Pivot table pivot table values as text

Step 1 – Creating a Pivot Table from Text Data

  • Select the data range.
  • Go to the Insert tab.
  • Select PivotTable.
  • Choose From Table/Range.

  • A box will appear. Select New Worksheet to create a pivot table in a separate worksheet.
  • Press OK.

Create Pivot table pivot table values as text

  • Excel will create a new pivot table.

Create Pivot table pivot table values as text

Step 2 – Dragging Columns to PivotTable Fields

  • Drag the Sex column to the Columns field.
  • Drag the Location column to the Rows field and Values field.
  • Excel will automatically show the Count of Location when you drag the Location column to Values Field.

Drag Columns to Fields-pivot table values as text

  • Excel will return the following output.

How to Use a Pivot Table to Show Non-Numeric Values as a Percentage

  • Drag the Location column to the Values field.

Drag Columns to Fields-pivot table values as text

  • Select the drop-down icon next to the new result you got.
  • Select Value Field Settings.

  • A Value Field Settings box will appear. Go to Show Values As.
  • Choose % of Column Total.
  • Click OK.

Drag Columns to Fields-pivot table values as text

  • Excel will show the count of locations as a percentage as well in the output now.

Drag Columns to Fields-pivot table values as text

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  1. Is there a way we can compare 2 pivot tables with similar information to spit out the difference betwen the two ?

  2. Hi, I just want to ask, I’m making a template for the company I am currently working (Bank here in the Philippines). I’m making a template to check if clients have submitted all necessary documents to open an account. I have made a table already. so in column a are list of sample accounts and for columns b onwards are for the required documents. i’ve made a drop down for those so we will only input either “ok” or x. is there a way i can summarize for example, account of john doe, all documents marked with x? thanks.

    • Hi there!

      I am assuming that you want the following result.
      get the summary data from a dataset
      Then follow the steps below.

      First, apply the following formula in cell E2 and copy it down.

      Then, filter out the blank cells from column E.

      Next, hide columns B to D.

      Now you can print the summary data.

      Please let us know if this is what you needed. If not then tell us more about it so that we may help. And thank you for being with us.

      Md. Shamim Reza (Exceldemy Team)

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