How to Clear Content in Excel (4 Methods)

Method 1 – Clear Content Using a Keyboard Shortcut

1.1 Clear Content of a Single Cell

  • Select the cell from which you want to clear contents and press the Del / Delete key on your keyboard.

select single cell and press Delete to clear content

  • The content of that cell is cleared.

content of the single cell is cleared

1.2 Clear Content from a Range of Cells

  • Select the range of cells and press the Del/Delete key on your keyboard.

select range and press Delete to clear contents

  • The content of that range of cells is cleared.

Contents of range are deleted

1.3 Clearing Content from an Entire Row or Column

  • Select the row or column whose contents you want to clear and press the Del / Delete key on your keyboard.

Select row and press Delete

  • The content of that row or column is cleared.

Contents of row are deleted

1.4 Clear Contents from a Whole Worksheet

  • Click the Select All button at the top left corner and press the Del / Delete key.

select entire sheet and press Delete

  • This removes all the contents from the worksheet.

contents of the sheet are deleted

Method 2 – Utilizing the Clear Button from the Editing Option

2.1 Clear All Content


  • Select the cells or range of cells that you want to clear contents from and go to Home > Editing > Clear.
  • Select Clear All.

Select cells and go to Editing and then Clear All to clear all contents

  •  All the contents is cleared.

All contents are cleared

Note: You can also access the Clear Contents option in the context menu by right-clicking on your mouse over a range of data.

2.2 Clear Formatting from Cells

  • Select the cells from where you want to clear the formatting and go to Home > Editing > Clear > Clear Formats.

Select Clear Formats to clear formatting

  • The formatting will be removed without the contents.

Formattings are cleared

Method 3 – Applying the Go To Special Tool to Clear Content


  • Press the F5.
  • The Go To window appears. Click Special.

Go to Special Tool to clear contents

  • The Go To Special window appears.
  • Select the Constants option from the Select group and click OK.

Select Constants and click on OK

  • Press the Del / Delete.

Press Delete to clear selected contents

Method 4 – Using VBA to Clear Content

  • Select the cells whose contents you want to clear and go to the Developer tab >> Visual Basic.

Select cells and go to Visual Basic to clear contents

  • Insert a new module by going to Insert > Module and enter the following code:
Sub Clear_Cells_from_Selection()
End Sub
  • Save the workbook as .xlsm file and Run the code.

Insert code and click on Run to clear contents using VBA

  • The selected cells are cleared.

Cells are cleared using VBA

Things to Remember

Download the Practice Workbook

You can practice on your own by downloading the free Excel worksheet.

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