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Md. Maruf Niaz, BSc, Textile Engineering, Bangladesh University of Textiles, has worked with the ExcelDemy project for 11 months. He works as an Excel and VBA Content Developer who provides easy solutions to Excel-related problems and regularly writes fantastic content articles. He has published almost 20 articles in ExcelDemy. As an Excel & VBA Content Developer for ExcelDemy, he offers solutions to complex issues. He demonstrates an enthusiastic mindset and adeptness in managing critical situations with finesse, showcasing his commitment to excellence.


Excel & VBA Content Developer at ExcelDemy in SOFTEKO.

Lives in

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Education in Textile (Apparel) Engineering, BUTex.


C, C++, Lycra-Modaris (Pattern Making Software), MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop


  • Intern at Northern Tosrifa Group
  • Trainee Officer at Bank Asia Ltd.
  • Undergraduate Project: Textile engineers perspective on eco-friendly apparel


  • He works as an Excel & VBA content Developer at ExcelDemy in SOFTEKO.
  • He started technical content writing for OfficeWheel in SOFTEKO in November 2022.

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  1. Hello HENRY,
    I hope you are doing well and thank you for your query. You can use the following formula to see which group these names are from.
    The formula uses INDEX, MOD, ROW and COLUMNS functions to look up the values in cells within column F and returns the corresponding group names in column G.
    Here is an image displaying the result in an Excel sheet:


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