Making the Same Change to Multiple Worksheets (with Easy Steps)

You may need to move or format particular cells in a certain way for many sheets. For a workbook with many sheets, making the same changes again and again is daunting. Even for a few sheets, if the task is too many, the actions become repetitive and dull.

In this Excel tutorial, we are going to discuss making the same changes to multiple worksheets.

Making the same change at a time also removes the possibility of small errors.

In the following figure, we have added a cell value in the first worksheet. The data was added to other sheets automatically.

making same change to multiple worksheets

Introduction to Dataset

To demonstrate the steps, we are using the same dataset with different values for three different worksheets. This is the one in the first worksheet.

making the same change to multiple worksheets dataset 1

The second one is as follows.

making the same change to multiple worksheets dataset 2

And this is the final sheet.

making the same change to multiple worksheets dataset 3

Steps of Making the Same Changes to Multiple Worksheets in Excel

The general idea to make the same changes to multiple worksheets in Excel is to select the sheets you want to change. Then make changes to a single worksheet while all of them are selected.

Follow the steps below to make the same changes to multiple worksheets in Excel:

Step 1: Select Desired Worksheets

First, you have to select the sheets you want to make changes to at the same time.

  • To select multiple worksheets, press the Ctrl key and then click on the sheet names individually from the sheet tab.
  • Or, you can also select the first worksheet > hold the Shift key > click on another sheet name. It will select all of the sheets in between.

selecting all sheet for making the same change to multiple worksheets

You can cancel the selection by clicking on a sheet name you did not select. Or select another sheet that is not active if you selected all of the sheets in the workbook.

Step 2: Make Necessary Changes

Once you have selected all the sheets you need, you just now have to make the changes to one spreadsheet. Excel will automatically make the same changes to all of the worksheets that you selected previously.
We have entered data in the first sheet. It was also in the second and third sheets automatically now.

making same change to multiple worksheets

Different Examples of Making the Same Change to Multiple Worksheets

In the previous example, we inserted a value for the same cell in multiple sheets at the same time. After selecting multiple sheets, you can also perform the following tasks for all of them:

  • Change/delete cell value of the same cell
  • Enter/delete rows
  • Enter/delete columns
  • Format cell data
  • Copy cell values
  • Insert formulas with the same references
  • Autofill formulas and values

Download Practice Workbook


Making uniform changes across multiple worksheets both saves time and ensures data accuracy. You need to select all of the sheets you need to make those changes. Then make those changes in a single worksheet. The same change will apply to all of the worksheets.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply the same formula to multiple sheets in Excel?

You can select multiple sheets either by pressing Ctrl or Shift depending on the selection type and manually insert a formula in one of the sheets. You can insert formulas by other methods such as copying or auto-filling.

How do I make the same sheet multiple times in Excel?

To copy the same sheet multiple times quickly in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard.
  2. Left-click on top of the sheet name at the sheet tab and drag the sheet to the desired location you want to copy.
  3. Release the mouse.

Repeat the process for every time you want to copy the sheet.

How can I ungroup worksheets after making changes?

You can unselect a group by clicking on another sheet name that you haven’t selected. If you already selected all of the sheets, click on an inactive sheet (that you aren’t currently working on) and the selection will go away.

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