InputBox Function in Excel VBA

The InputBox function

The InputBox function is useful for obtaining a single input from the user. A simplified version of the function’s syntax follows:

InputBox function: Syntax

  InputBox ( prompt, [title], [default] )

InputBox function: Parameters or Arguments

The arguments are defined as follows:

  • prompt: This one is required. This text is displayed in the input box.
  • title: It is optional. This text is displayed in the input box’s title bar.
  • default: It is also optional. The default value showed in the input field.

InputBox Function: Example

The following macro (StandardInputBox) uses an InputBox function. Observe closely.

Sub StandardInputBox()
    Dim stringName As String
    'InputBox(prompt[, title] [, default] )
    stringName = InputBox("Enter you name:", "NAME ENTRY BOX", "Enter Your Name")
    'Exit sub if user press Cancel button or does not enter any text in the Input field.
    If stringName = vbNullString Then Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Hello " & stringName
End Sub

Run this VBA macro using Developer ⇒ Code ⇒ Macro ⇒ Select StandardInputBox Macro ⇒ Run. You will see a figure like below:

Alternatives of UserForm in Excel: InputBox & MsgBox Functions

The standard InputBox dialog box, it takes one value from the user.

I write my name in the Input field as “Kawser Ahmed” and then click the OK button, it will show another dialog box as I have used this code in the macro:

MsgBox "Hello " & stringName 
Alternatives of UserForm in Excel: InputBox & MsgBox Functions

Showing my name in the message box.

Now I click OK and the dialog box vanishes. This is how you can use InputBox function in a macro instead of writing a UserForm.

Happy Excelling ☕

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