How to Delete a Column in Excel Without Affecting the Formula – 2 Methods


The following dataset showcases Unit Production in column C and Per unit Cost in column D. The total per month is calculated in column E.

To delete columns D and C without affecting the formula in column E:

how to delete column in excel without affecting formula

Method 1 – Using the Excel Go To Special Feature


  • Select C5:E9 and press F5.
  • In Go To, click  Special.

Use Excel Go To Special Feature for Deleting Column without affecting formula

  • In Go To Special, select Constants and click OK.

  • It will select the defined cell range.

  • Press Delete. Only the selected data will be deleted.

  • The formula is still displayed in E5.

column deleted without affecting formula

  • If you enter new data in C5:D6, you will get new values in E5:E6.

Method 2 – Delete a Column Without Affecting the Formula using the Paste Special Feature

Use the Paste Special command in Excel.


  • Select E5:E9 that contains the formula and press Ctrl+C.

Erase Column Without Affecting Formula with Paste Special Feature

  • Select an empty cell, here, F5. Right-click it.
  • In the Context Menu, select Paste Special.

  • In Paste Special, select Values in Paste.
  • Select None in Operation.
  • Click OK.

  • Values will be copied and pasted in F5:F9.

  • Select the column you want to delete, here C5:D8.

  • Go to Home > Editing > Clear > Clear Contents.

  • It will delete the content, but your formula won’t be affected.

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