How to Change the Series Color in an Excel Chart – 5 Quick Methods

The image below showcases a chart of Month-wise Items Sold. The first 7 months of the year and items sold were used to create a chart.

Month-wise items sold chart


Method 1 – Changing the Color Fill in the Bars

  • Click any bar in the chart to open Format Data Series.
  • In Series Options, select Fill.

Changing Color Fill for the Bars

  • Select Solid fill.
  • Choose a color from the Theme Colors.

Format Data Series

  • The color of your bar will change.

Changed Series color in Excel Chart

Method 2 – Using Different Colors for Each Bar


  • Click the chart >> go to Format Data Series >> select Fill.
  • In Fill, check Vary colors by point.

Using Different Colors for Each Bar

  • This is the output.

Changed series color in excel chart

Method 3 – Adjusting the Borders of the Chart Bars


  • Select a bar and go to the Series Options in Format Data Point.
  • Select Border.

Adjusting the Borders of the Chart Bars to change series color in Excel chart

  • In Border, select Solid line.
  • In Theme Colors, choose a color (red, here).

Format Data series

  • This is the output.

Coloring the Borders of Chart Bars

Method 4 – Using the Chart Styles


  • Select the chart. Three options will be displayed: Data Elements, Chart Styles, and Chart Filters.
  • Choose Chart Styles.

how to change series color in excel chart by using chart styles

  • Select a Color.

Color Theme of Chart Styles

  • This is the output.

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Method 5 – Using a VBA Code to Change the Series Color in an Excel Chart

The VBA code also can change the color of the chart bars. Using VBA Code to Change Series Color in Excel Chart


Opening Developer Tab

  • In the new window, select Insert >> Module >> Module1.

  • Enter the  VBA code below.
  • Press F5 to run the code.
Sub Series_Color_VBA()
Dim rn As Range
Dim s As String
Dim b As Integer
Dim a As Integer
For b = 1 To ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Count
s = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(b).Name
With Sheet5.ChartObjects(s).Chart.SeriesCollection(1)
Set rng = ActiveSheet.Range(Split(Split(.Formula, ",")(1), "!")(1))
For a = 1 To rng.Cells.Count
.Points(a).Format.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = ThisWorkbook.Colors(rng.Cells(a).Interior.ColorIndex)
Next a
End With
Next b
End Sub

VBA code to change color

  • This is the output.

Practice Section

Practice, here.

Practice Section

Download Practice Workbook

Download the practice workbook.

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