How to Change Series Color in Excel Chart (5 Quick Ways)

Whenever we need to compare and visualize data, we use an Excel chart to represent it. Sometimes we need to change the series color according to our presentation theme. Changing series color in an Excel chart is an easy task to do. Need to learn how to change series color in an Excel chart? You are in the right place. Here we covered some basic and easy steps to change the chart color in Excel. So, let’s start.

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5 Ways to Change Series Color in Excel Chart

Making an Excel chart is pretty basic. Here we have a chart of Month-wise Items Sold. We take the first 7 months of the year and their corresponding items sold. Then we make a chart with this data. Now, we want to change the series color on this Excel chart.

Month-wise items sold chart

Here, we have used Microsoft Excel 365 version, you may use any other version according to your convenience.

1. Changing Color Fill for the Bars

When we made a chart, we can see longitudinal bars which take the value of the Y-axis. After entering the series, you can change the color of the bar using the Fill from the series options of Format Data Series. You need to follow the steps to change the series color in the Excel chart.

📌 Steps:

  • Firstly, click on any bar of your chart. Then a sidebar named Format Data Series will appear.
  • From the Series Options select Fill.

Changing Color Fill for the Bars

  • You may see a lot of options under Fill. Select Solid fill.
  • Then select a color you wanted to apply in the chart bars from the Theme Colors options.

Format Data Series

  • Finally, the color of your bar will be changed according to your choice. Here you can see that we chose the red color to fill our bars.

Changed Series color in Excel Chart

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2. Using Different Colors for Each Bar

Sometimes, you may need to fill each of the chart bars with distinct colors to make your chart more stylish and good looking. By choosing a different color for each bar, your chart will be more attractive and decorated according to your presentation theme. You have to go through some simple steps to do that. Luckily, we have covered this here.

📌 Steps:

  • Initially, select any place of the chart bars >> go to Format Data Series >> select Fill.
  • After that, under the Fill option, there is an option named Vary colors by point. So, check the box before the option.

Using Different Colors for Each Bar

  • After checking the box your bar of the chart will look just like the below.

Changed series color in excel chart

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3. Adjusting the Borders of the Chart Bars

The borders of the chart bars can also be changed according to your preference. The appearance of the chart bars will be more polished and well-shaped by adjusting the borders of the chart bars.

📌 Steps:

  • First of all, select a bar and go to the Series Options under Format Data Point.
  • Select the Border option.

Adjusting the Borders of the Chart Bars to change series color in Excel chart

  • Then, under the Border section, there are many options, and from there select Solid line.
  • Then select the Theme Colors option. Here we took the red color for our chart bar borders.

Format Data series

  • Finally, your appearance will look like the image below.

Coloring the Borders of Chart Bars

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4. Using Chart Styles

Now we know what you are thinking. Is there any way to color the chart without going to the Format Data Series? Luckily, we have covered one method from which you can color the chart from Chart Styles. Follow the simple steps to do so.

📌 Steps:

  • Primarily, select the chart. Three options will pop up as you select the chart. They are Data Elements, Chart Styles, and Chart Filters.
  • Then, select the Chart Styles from there.

how to change series color in excel chart by using chart styles

  • After that, select the Color under the Chart Styles according to your choice.

Color Theme of Chart Styles

  • Finally, we have changed the color of our chart bars. As you see, here we choose the green color for our chart bars.

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5. Using VBA Code to Change Series Color in Excel Chart

The VBA code also can change the color of the chart bars. But to do that you have to color your X-axis column value first. Here in our dataset, we colored the Month column according to our preference. After running the VBA code, the color of each bar in the chart will be changed based on the specified color.

Using VBA Code to Change Series Color in Excel Chart

📌 Steps:

  • Firstly, go to the Developer tab >> select the Visual Basic command.

Opening Developer Tab

  • Later, a new window will open. Then select Insert >> Module >> Module1.

  • After that, write down the  VBA code below and run the code with the F5 key.
Sub Series_Color_VBA()
Dim rn As Range
Dim s As String
Dim b As Integer
Dim a As Integer
For b = 1 To ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Count
s = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(b).Name
With Sheet5.ChartObjects(s).Chart.SeriesCollection(1)
Set rng = ActiveSheet.Range(Split(Split(.Formula, ",")(1), "!")(1))
For a = 1 To rng.Cells.Count
.Points(a).Format.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = ThisWorkbook.Colors(rng.Cells(a).Interior.ColorIndex)
Next a
End With
Next b
End Sub

VBA code to change color

  • Finally, your chart bar colors will be changed to what you specified the color before in the Month column.

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Practice Section


That’s all about today’s session. And these are some easy methods to change series color in an Excel chart in excel Please let us know in the comments section if you have any questions or suggestions. For your better understanding please download the practice sheet. Visit our website Exceldemy, a one-stop Excel solution provider, to find out diverse kinds of excel methods. Thanks for your patience in reading this article.

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