How to Change the Column Width to mm in Excel – A Guideline


The dataset showcases information about Product, Delivery Date, Deadline to deliver the product, and delivery Status.

To change the column width to mm from the default unit inches:

Change Column Width in mm in Excel

Step 1 – Open Excel Options to Change Column Width

  • Click File or Microsoft Office Button (Excel 2007).
  • Click Options.

Click Options from File Tab

  • In the Excel Options window, click Advanced.

Click Advanced From Option

Step 2 – Change Column Width Unit to mm in the Display Section

  • Select Display.
  • Change the measurement unit to Millimeters in Ruler units. You can also change the unit to Centimeters.
  • Click OK.

Excel Column Width in mm

Note: You can set the column width to inches or to centimeters.

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Step 3 – Some Examples to Set the Column Width to mm in Excel

Example 1- Using the Column Width Input Box

Change the width of a column by entering the width in the Column Width input box.

Step 1:

  • Click the View tab, in Workbook Views, click Page Layout.

Click the Page Layout Button

  • Right-click the Header of the column.
  • Choose Column Width.

● Right-click the Header of the Column

Step 2:

  • In the Column width input box, set the column width to mm.
  • Click OK.

Excel Column Width in mm

  • This is the output.

Width of the Column is Changed

Example 2 – Drag the Column to Change the Width in mm


  • In Page Layout, change the width of columns by dragging the boundary to the right side of the column heading.

Drag the Column Rightward

Example 3 – Change the Width of Multiple Columns


  • Select the columns you want to change. Here, Delivery Date, Deadline, and Status.
  • Drag the boundary of the outer right column (Status Column) to the right.

Excel Column Width in mm

●    This is the output.

Column Width is Changed

Example 4 – Select Cell to Change Width in mm

You can also change the width of a column or multiple columns by selecting the cell(s).

Step 1:

  • Select a cell in the column you change the width. Here, Deadline: D6. You can also select multiple cells from different columns.

Select Cell to Change Width

  • In the Home tab, select Cells.
  • Click Format.
  • Select Column Width.

Chose Column Width

Step 2:

  • In Column width, enter the column width in mm.
  • Click OK.

Column Width Dialogue Box

  • This is the output.

Excel Column Width in mm

Example 5 – Using Shortcut Keys to Change the Column Width

Step 1:

  • Select the column or columns to change the width.
  • Hold ALT, press H, O, and W to open the Column Width window. Enter the width.
  • Click OK.

Shortcut Keys to Change Column Width in ExcelStep 2:

  • Go back to the Normal view in View. 

Excel Column Width in mm

Things to Remember

  • You must be in Page Layout view to have column widths in millimeters or centimeters.
  • In some cases, you may find that the width is not exactly what you specified, but still very close to it.

Download Practice Workbook

Download the practice book.

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