How to Make a Cheque Payment Voucher Format in Excel

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This article is mainly about payment vouchers. A payment voucher is a record of payment of any organization, and this is sent to the supplier. There are different types of vouchers. The cheque payment voucher is one of them. In this article, we will show how to create a cheque payment voucher format template in Excel with proper illustrations.

What Is Cheque Payment?

When any payment is paid by cheque that is called a cheque payment. A cheque is a document issued by the respective bank to each customer’s easy transaction. Each customer’s cheque is individual. And it is valid with the authorized signature of the customer only.

How to Make a Cheque Payment Voucher Format in Excel: 6 Easy Steps

We will discuss in detail the process of making a cheque payment voucher format in Excel in the below section.

Step 1: Select Some Cells in Excel Worksheet and Format Them with Proper Borders

  • First, open a blank Excel worksheet.
  • Then, select an area in the worksheet.

  • Now, click on the Border section from the Font group.
  • Select the Thick Outside Borders option from the list.

Set border of dataset for cheque payment voucher

  • Look at the dataset.

We can see a new border has been created outside the selected area.

Now, we will change the background color of our selected area.

  • Go to the Fill Color section and choose the desired color.

Choose color of border for making cheque payment voucher

We can see the background color has been changed.

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Step 2: Insert Company Information

In this section, we will insert the company information.

  • Assume that the company name will not adjust in a single cell. So, we select 4 cells and go to the Merge & Center option in the Alignment group.

Marge cells in cheque payment voucher

  • Now, write the name of the company.
  • Then, change the Font Size, Fill Color, and Font Color from the Font group for easy visibility.

Customize font size, color, fill color for cheque payment voucher

  • Similarly, we input the address.

Now, we want to add a logo to the dataset.

  • Go to the Text group from the Insert tab.
  • Then, choose Text Box from the list.

Insert Text box in the dataset for cheque payment voucher

  • Now, place the Text Box in the dataset and adjust the size by scrolling the Plus sign (+).

  • Look at the dataset.

We have marked the place for adding a logo.

  • Now, input the name of the document in the dataset.

  • We will separate this area from the next section by using a border.
  • Select the area first.
  • Then, go to the Border section. Select the Bottom Border option.

Step 3: Record Information of Payee

We add this section for inputting payee information.

  • Like the previous way, merge cells and input section names in the dataset.

  • After that, define different entities of payee information to cells in the dataset.

  • After that, again add a down border from the Border section.

  • As we need more rows in the dataset. We will select the rows from the left side.
  • Then, press the right button of the mouse.
  • Choose the Insert option from the Context Menu.

Insert new rows in the dataset of cheque payment voucher

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Step 4: Record Payment Details in a Separate Section

Now, we will add payment details to the dataset.

  • After merging cells, we insert the section title.

  • Set different entities of payments in the dataset.

  • After that, we add a table for payment information.

Here, we include the invoice number, date, and amount. We also added the bank account number, bank name, and cheque date.

  • After that, we add the authorization section of the voucher.

Step 5: Apply Proper Format to the Cells

Now, we will format the cells and insert formulas on the cells for the desired operation.

  • Go to the marked cell, where multiple cells have been merged. Now, press the Ctrl+1.

  • The Format Cells window appears. Select the Accounting option from the Number tab.
  • Set 2 in the Decimal places box.
  • Finally, press the OK button.

Change cell format in the dataset for cheque payment voucher

  • Now, put the following formula based on the SUM function on this cell.

Insert sum function in cheque payment voucher

It will add all the amounts from the table.

  • Now, go to Cell C10. Insert the referred cell of the total.

  • Look at the dataset now.

This is the sample template for cheque payment voucher.

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Step 6: Insert Payment Data

  • Now, we will insert the information into the dataset.

Insert data in cheque payment voucher

  • Then, go to the corresponding box of the Amount in words and manually write down the total amount in words.

Download Practice Workbook

Download this practice workbook to exercise while you are reading this article.


In this article, we described all the steps to make a cheque payment voucher format in Excel in detail. You will just download the template and use this. I hope this will satisfy your needs. Please give your suggestions in the comment box.

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