How to Make a Cash Payment Voucher Format in Excel: 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Add Company Details

Add company details at the top of the payment voucher.

  • Type in the company name M3 Inc in the B4 cell.
  • Include the company Address and the Contact number in the B5 and the B6 cells respectively.

Add Company Details to cash payment voucher

Step 2:  Enter Recipient Details, Reference Number, and Date

  • Add the recipient’s Address in the C8 cell.
  • Type in the Reference Number in the F8 cell.
  • Insert today’s Date in the F9 cell.

Enter Recipient Details, Reference Number, and Date to cash payment voucher

Step 3: Insert Payment Method, Description, and Amount

Insert Payment Method, Description, and Amount to cash payment voucher

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Step 4: Calculate the Total Amount and Incorporate Signatures

Utilize the COUNTA and SUM functions to obtain the Total Receipts and the Total Amount in USD. The COUNTA function returns the number of payments by counting the non-blank cells within the D11:D16 range. In contrast, the SUM function adds up all the payments in the F11:F16 range and outputs the Total Amount.

  • Navigate to the C18 cell >> enter the expression given below.


The D11:D16 range of cells represents the entries in the Payment Method column.

Calculate the Total Amount with COUNTA function

  • Move to the F18 cell and insert the following equation in the Formula Bar.


The F11:F16 cells refer to all the sales Amounts in USD.

Using SUM function

  • Add the signatures of the authorized personnel and your results should look like the image shown below.

Incorporate Signatures


Download Practice Workbook


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