How to Calculate 10 Percent Discount in Excel (With Easy Steps)

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Discount Calculation is one of the formulas which frequently utilize Excel. Excel makes it simpler and quicker to perform the calculations related to discounts. We know that, for both simple and complex computations, Microsoft Excel is an effective tool. It makes it simple to calculate percentage values, such as discount percentages. In this article, we will demonstrate the procedures to calculate a 10 percent (10%) discount in excel.

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Step by Step Procedures to Calculate 10 Percent Discount Price in Excel

A discount is a subtraction from a specific sum. Therefore, being able to compute a discount allows us to determine how much money we are saving from another dollar amount. Let’s follow the process to calculate discounted prices in excel.

Step 1: Create Dataset

To see the calculation of a 10 percent discount in excel. We just need a dataset.

  • In the first place, we list down some items in column B.
  • Then, we put the price for each cell in column C.
  • And, the 10% discount for each item is in column D.

Step by Step Procedures to Calculate 10 Discount Price in Excel

  • To calculate the discount price, we have inserted a new column (column E) named Discounted Price.

Step by Step Procedures to Calculate 10 Discount Price in Excel

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Step 2: Input Formula

For the purpose of discount percentage calculation, we may use a simple formula. The formula to get the discount % is.

Discounted Price = Original Price – (Original Price * Discount Percentage)
  • To begin with, select the cell where you want to put the formula for the calculation of the 10% discounted price. So, we select cell E5.
  • Then, put the formula into that selected cell.
  • Further, press Enter to see the result.

Step by Step Procedures to Calculate 10 Discount Price in Excel

  • Next, drag the Fill Handle down to duplicate the formula over the range. Or, to AutoFill the range, double-click on the plus (+) symbol.

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Final Output

Now, let’s look at the final output using the simple formula to calculate a 10% discounted price.

  • Finally, we can see the discount price for each item in column E.

How to Calculate 10 Discount in Excel

Note: Sometimes we don’t have the discount percentage showing in the dataset, but the customer gets a 10% discount for a specific item. For this, you can also calculate the discounted price by just using .01 instead of using the 10%.

How to Calculate Original Price from 10 Percent Discount in Excel

A product’s true price may need to be determined in specific circumstances based on a specified reduced price and discount %. We will look at how to achieve it in this section.

Original Price = 1/(1-Discount Percentage)* Discount Price


  • Firstly, choose the cell where you wish to enter the formula to determine the original price of 10%. Thus, we choose cell E5.
  • Secondly, enter the formula into the cell you just chose.
=1/(1-C5)* D5
  • Thirdly, press Enter once again to view the outcome.

  • Further, to replicate the formula throughout the range, drag the Fill Handle downward. To AutoFill the range, double-click on the plus (+) symbol.

  • Finally, column E displays the original price for each item.

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Things to Remember

  • Applying the Percentage format to the cells will allow you to display a number in Excel as a percentage. For this, simply pick the desired cells. And then, go to the Home tab from the ribbon.  Choose the Percent Style (%) button in the Number group.
  • You may adjust the decimal place as necessary. For that, click on Decrease Decimal or Increase Decimal for rounding.
  • Excel always keeps the numeric value as a fundamental value. Therefore, even if you formatted a number to show something as a percentage (10%), all that is happening is formatting or a visual meaning of the true value. Excel automatically makes computations on that decimal’s fundamental number (0.1). To solve this, pick the cell, and press Ctrl + 1. Then, check the Text box under the General menu to confirm the fundamental value.


The above procedures will assist you to Calculate 10 Percent Discount in Excel. Hope this will help you! Please let us know in the comment section if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback. Or you can have a glance at our other articles in the blog!

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