How to Calculate 10 Percent Discount in Excel (With Easy Steps)


Step 1 – Create the Dataset

  • List down some items in column B.
  • We put the price for each item in column C.
  • The 10% discount for each item is in column D.

Step by Step Procedures to Calculate 10 Discount Price in Excel

  • To calculate the discount price, we have inserted a new column (column E) named Discounted Price.

Step by Step Procedures to Calculate 10 Discount Price in Excel

Step 2 – Input the Formula

The formula to get the discount % is.

Discounted Price = Original Price – (Original Price * Discount Percentage)
  • Select the cell where you want to put the formula for the calculation of the 10% discounted price. We selected cell E5.
  • Insert the following formula into the selected cell.
  • Press Enter to see the result.

Step by Step Procedures to Calculate 10 Discount Price in Excel

  • Drag the Fill Handle down to duplicate the formula over the range or, to AutoFill the range, double-click on the plus (+) symbol.

Final Output

  • Here’s the result.

How to Calculate 10 Discount in Excel

Note: Sometimes we don’t have the discount percentage showing in the dataset, but the customer gets a 10% discount for a specific item. For this, you can also calculate the discounted price by just using .01 instead of using the 10%.

How to Calculate the Original Price from a 10 Percent Discount in Excel

Here’s the formula you can use:

Original Price = 1/(1-Discount Percentage)* Discount Price


  • Choose the cell where you wish to enter the formula to determine the original price of 10%. We chose cell E5.
  • Insert this formula into the cell you just chose.
=1/(1-C5)* D5
  • Press Enter.

  • Drag the Fill Handle down or double-click on the plus (+) symbol.

  • Column E displays the original price for each item.

Things to Remember

  • Applying the Percentage format to the cells will allow you to display a number in Excel as a percentage. For this, go to the Home tab from the ribbon, and choose the Percent Style (%) button in the Number group.
  • You may adjust the decimal place as necessary. Click on Decrease Decimal or Increase Decimal for rounding.
  • Excel always keeps the numeric value as a fundamental value. Therefore, even if you formatted a number to show something as a percentage (10%), all that is happening is formatting or a visual meaning of the true value. Excel automatically makes computations on that decimal’s fundamental number (0.1). To solve this, pick the cell, and press Ctrl + 1. Then, check the Text box under the General menu to confirm the fundamental value.

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