How to Add Decimals in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

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Decimals are common in use while dealing with currency, accounting, measurement, etc. data. In this article, we will discuss how to add decimals in Excel.

Here, we will show 3 methods to add decimals in Excel. These methods will automatically add decimals in the whole dataset, or decimals in the selective cells only.

1. Adding the Desired Number of Decimals Using Format Cells Command in Excel

In this section, we will add decimals using the Format Cells option. We have a dataset of some employees with their salaries and department names. Now, we will add decimals with the salary values.


  • First, select the cells of the Salary column.
  • From the Home tab, go to the Number group. Click on the right-down arrow as in the following screenshot.

  • The Format Cells window appears.
  • Those values are now formatted as accounting. Put the desired number in the Decimal places box.
  • Finally, press OK.

Add the Desired Number of Decimals Using ‘Format Cells’ Command

The number in the Decimal places box means how many digits after the decimal point will be shown in the selected cells.

  • Now, look at the dataset.

Two decimal places are added to the data.


We can also avail of the Format Cells by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+1.

2. Fixing the Number of Decimals from Excel Options

By applying this method, decimals will be added automatically when typing any number through the dataset.


  • Click on the File tab of the worksheet.
  • Press the Options from the menu.

Fix the Number of Decimals from Excel Options

  • Excel Options window will appear.
  • From the left side select the Advanced option.
  • From the right side menu, go to Editing options.
  • Now, mark the Automatically insert a decimal point.
  • Under this option, we get the Places box. We can increase or decrease the decimal places from this box. Set the desired decimal places.
  • Finally, press OK.

Fix the Number of Decimals from Excel Options

  • Now, when we input the salaries in the Salary column, 2 digits after the decimal point will be added to the salary values.

3. Using Increase Decimal Command to Add Decimals in Excel

This is the easiest way to add decimals. We get this command from the Home tab’s Number group.


  • Select any of the cells of the Salary column.
  • Then, go to the Number group of the Home tab.
  • We can see two options indicating decimals.
  • We click on the Increase Decimal option.

Add Decimals Using ‘Increase Decimal’ Command

  • Look at the Cell D4 of the dataset.

Add Decimals Using ‘Increase Decimal’ Command

One decimal place is added.

  • Again, click on the Increase Decimal option.

Another decimal point was added. In this way, add decimal places from the rest of the cells.

  • Select the rest of the cells and click on the Increase Decimal as mentioned previously.

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In this article, we showed how to add decimals in Excel with the easiest methods. I hope this will satisfy your needs.

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