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How to Zoom in Excel Graph (With Easy Steps)

While working with Microsoft Excel, we insert graphs to make it possible to visualize data collections. We zoom an Excel graph to see it up close. The chart’s scale is enhanced, which enhances the readability of its values. In this article, we will demonstrate instructions to zoom in excel graph gradually.

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Step-by-Step Procedures to Zoom in Excel Graph

We may use graphs in Excel to visually convey information. People can absorb and recall information more easily with the aid of graphs. Many individuals comprehend images more rapidly than long passages of text. We may know how to add excel graphs but many of us don’t have any idea how to zoom on those graphs. Let’s follow the instructions to do this.

Step 1: Create Dataset

First, we need to create a dataset. As we know, the datasets are the continuous cell range holding data for analysis.

  • Firstly, we put some months in column B.
  • Secondly, insert the total unit sales of each month in column C.
  • And, finally, the total amount of sales for each particular month in column D.

how to zoom in excel graph

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Step 2: Insert Graph

A graph can provide a sharper view of a set of data values. And, to zoom in on excel graphs, we must insert the graph into our spreadsheet.

  • To begin with, we select the whole data that we have just created.
  • Then, go to the Insert tab from the ribbon.
  • Further, click on the Insert Line or Area Chart drop-down menu under the Charts group.
  • Consequently, choose the Stacked Line from the option, the second option of the 2-D Line list.

how to zoom in excel graph

  • Thus, you can see the Total Sales graph in your spreadsheet.

how to zoom in excel graph

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Step 3: Display Format Axis

Format Axis add to explain what is presented on the axis, and is distinct from axis labels. Graphs may not always display axis titles. Format Axis works as a scale or comparison line for data plotted on a graph.

  • Click on the graph axis and right-click.
  • This will appear a context menu, from there click on Format Axis.

  • Thus the Format Axis dialog will show up on the right side of the spreadsheet.

Step 4: Set Axis Options

Now the main and the final step for zooming in on excel graphs. In this step, we will set or edit the bounds of graph positions to zoom in on the graph.

  • In the first place, click on the Axis Options drop-down menu.
  • Then, under the menu click on the Axis Options which is the tiny bar icon.
  • Next from the Bounds category, set the Minimum and Maximum. This totally depends on how much you want to zoom in or zoom out on that graph.
  • By default, it was set automatically while plotting any graph. In our case, by default, the minimum bounds were 0.0 and the maximum bounds were 14000.0.
  • Now, we set the minimum bound 2000.0 and maximum bound 8000.0  to zoom in on the graph and have a close look at the graph.

  • After doing this, we will see the graph is now zoomed in.

  • To have clearer visualization, we will click on the Chart Elements and checkmark the Data Labels to show the data on the graph.

how to zoom in excel graph

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Final Output

This is the final output after zooming in excel graph.

how to zoom in excel graph

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Consistently structure your X and Y axes to the lowest quality of the data for simplicity of use.
  • The chart will be simple to understand if the data labels, axis title, and data points are formatted correctly.


The above procedures will assist you to Zoom in Excel Graph. I hope this will help you! Please let us know in the comment section if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback. Or you can glance at our other articles in the ExcelDemy.com blog!

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