How to Rotate Text by 180 Degrees in Excel



Rotate a Text Box by 180 Degrees in Excel

Use a text box (or a word art) to get a 180-degree rotated text in Excel.


  • In the tools ribbon, select Text in Insert.

  • Click Text Box.

inserting text box to rotate text 180 degree in excel

  • Click and drag the box to place it in the sheet.
  • Resize and move the box.

  • Enter text value in it.

  • Select the textbox.
  • Go to the Shape Format tab and select Rotate.
  • Click More Rotational Options.

rotating text box 180 degrees from options in excel


  • In the Format Shape box, select Shape Options.
  • Go to Size and Properties.
  • In Size, you can find the Rotation.

changing shape option to rotate text 180 degrees in excel

  • Set the value to 180 and press Enter.

You will have your text box rotated by 180 degrees.

180 degree rotated text in excel

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Rotate an Image by 180 Degrees in Excel

You can also rotate text 180 degrees by using it as a picture.


  • Enter the text you want to rotate in a spreadsheet cell.

  • Copy the cell.
  • Go to a cell to paste the rotated text.
  • In the tools ribbon, in the Home tab, select the downward-facing arrow in Paste.
  • Select Picture in Other Paste Options.

pasting image before rotating 180 degrees in excel

  • The text is copied and pasted as a picture.
  • Select the picture.

  • Go to the Picture Format tab.
  • Select Arrange.
  • In Rotate, select More Rotate Options.

rotation options in excel

  • In Format Shape,  select Size & Properties.
  • In Size, change the Rotation to 180 degrees, and press Enter.

format picture options in excel

You will have a 180-degree rotated picture of the text.

how to rotate text 180 degrees in Excel

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