How to Remove Filter by Color in Excel (5 Methods)

It’s better to apply Filter by Color when we desire to sort data color-wise in Excel. However, at times, we need to remove Filter by Color in Excel for unavoidable circumstances. Excel offers several alternatives to remove or clear any kind of filtration. Clear Filter feature or option is available in Filter Icon, Data tab Sort & Filter section, Home tab Editing section. Also, we can remove Filter by Color using Keyboard Shortcuts (ALT+D+F+F) and unselecting Filter.

Let’s say we have a dataset where we already applied Filter by Color. We want to remove the Filter by Color execution. In this case, we only applied the Filter for the City Column.

Dataset-How to Remove Filter by Color in Excel

In this article, we demonstrate the ways to remove Filters by Color in Excel.

How to Remove Filter by Color in Excel: 5 Easy Ways

Excel’s Filter provides a load of options to execute Filter. To keep things simpler, we apply a Filter by Cell Color in our dataset. Now, in the latter section, we discuss ways to remove the applied Filter by Color and its consequences.

Method 1: Using Filter Icon Option to Remove Filter by Color

🔺 Click on the Filter Icon. Excel displays several Options, Choose Clear Filter From “City”. As only the City column is subjected to filtration, Excel only allows the defiltration of data from that column.

Filter Icon-How to Remove Filter by Color in Excel

🔺 Instantly Excel clears the Filter by Color or any other filtration and returns the data as it was prior to the filtration.

Filter Icon result

You see the Filter Icon is there beside the column headers. Clear Filter execution just reverts the Filter application not unable or deselect the overall Filter option.

Method 2: Using Clear Feature

🔺 Excel provides Sorting and Filtering features within the Data tab. Go to Data > Select Clear (from the Sort & Filter section).

This Clear feature clears any type of filter application in a Worksheet. Therefore, selecting the Clear feature from the Data tab Sort & Filter section removes Filter by Color filtration.

Clear Feature-How to Remove Filter by Color in Excel

🔺 You can see Excel delivers similar outcomes as it does in Method 1. This Data tab Clear feature is the alternative to the Filter Icon Clear option.

Filter Icon result

Method 3: Using Clear Option to Remove Filter by Color

To clear any Filter operation, Excel also has another Filter Clear option in the Home tab Editing section.

🔺 Go to Home > Select Sort & Filter (from the Editing section) > Select Clear.

Clear Option-How to Remove Filter by Color in Excel

🔺 This Home tab Editing section Clear Option is the 2nd alternative of clear filtration apart from the Filter Icon Option.

Similar to Method 1 and 2, the Clear option in the Home tab works just the same and offers no upper hand when compared to its alternatives.

Filter Icon result

Method 4: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a handy way to remove any kind of filtration using Keyboard Shortcuts.

🔺 Press ALT+D at first, and Excel selects the Home tab and enables its Office access key. Afterward, Press F+F (i.e., Overall, ALT+D+F+F).

Keyboard shortcuts-How to Remove Filter by Color in Excel

🔺 The Keyboard Shortcuts (ALT+D+F+F) remove the Filter option from the selection. As a result, it seems no Filtration whatsoever is executed or operational. Therefore, Excel reverses the filtration and brings the data in its form prior to filtration.

Keyboard shortcuts result

Method 5: Unselecting Filter to Remove Filter by Color

Unselecting or disabling the Filter option undoes all the Filter execution and reverts the data to its initial form. There are 2 optional ways to deselect Filter.

🔺 Go to Home > Select Sort & Filter (from the Editing section) see Excel already enables the Filter > Deselect Filter.

Deselecting Filter-How to Remove Filter by Color in Excel

🔺 Alternatively, Hover to the Data tab > Deselect Filter (from the Sort & Filter section).

Deselecting filter

Both options clear any Filter operations applied to the worksheet. By disabling Filter, Excel returns the data in raw form as depicted in the image below.

Keyboard shortcuts result

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In this article, we demonstrate several ways to remove Filter by Color in Excel. Hope this article offers you the insights you have been looking for. Comment, if you have further inquiries or have anything to add.

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