How to Insert a Shape in Excel (2 Methods)



Method 1 – Inserting a Shape from the Insert Tab


  • Go to the Insert tab >> Illustrations >> Shapes.
  • Choose a shape you like. I am going to select a rectangle.

Insert shape from Insert tab

  • Drag your cursor over an area where you want to insert the shape.

Shape inserted

Excel inserts a rectangle shape.

Method 2 – Using a Keyboard Shortcut


  • Press ALT + N >> SH on your keyboard.

Keyboard shortcut to insert shape

  • Choose a shape you like. I am going to select a rectangle again.

Selecting shape to insert

  • Drag your cursor over an area where you want to insert the shape.

Shape inserted using keyboard shortcut

Excel inserts a rectangle.

How to Format Shapes in Excel

You can format a shape in multiple ways. In this section, I will show how you can

  • Change the fill color.
  • Write something inside the shape.

The formatting options are available in the Shape Format tab.

Shape format tab

Changing Fill Color

  • Select the shape >> go to the Shape Format tab (this will appear only after you select the shape >> Shape Fill >> choose a color.

Changing fill color of shape

  • Excel will change the fill color.

Fill color changed

Writing Inside a Shape

  • Double-click the shape to activate the editing mode.
  • Type whatever you want.

Writing something inside the shape

  • Once you have written something, you can format the text from the Home tab. I have formatted it in the following way.

Formatting text inside shape

How to Delete a Shape in Excel


  • Select the shape.

Selecting shape

  • Press DELETE.

Deleting Shape

Excel deletes the shape.

Things to Remember

  • Different shapes offer different formatting options.

Download the Practice Workbook

Download this practice workbook from here.

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