How to Link Two Sheets in Excel – 3 Methods

Method 1 –  Using a Formula to Link Two Worksheets in Excel

There are two Excel sheets:  Destination Sheet and Source Sheet.

two sheets to link in excel with formula

There is data in the Source Sheet that will be retrieved in the Destination Sheet by linking the two sheets.

  • In the Destination Sheet, select a cell (here, B4) and enter an equal sign (=).

  • Click the Source Sheet and the data (Marvel Movies in B4) that you want to retrieve in the Destination Sheet. You will see the whole formula in the formula bar.
='Source Sheet'!B4

Formula to Link Two Work sheets in Excel

  • Press Enter.

Formula to Link Two Worksheets in Excel

You will have the Source Sheet linked to the Destination Sheet .

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Method 2 – Using the Copy-Paste Option to Link Two Excel Sheets

two sheets to link in excel with paste link

In the Source WS, there is data (DC Movies in B4).

  • Copy the data in Source WS.

  • Go back to Destination WS and click the cell in which you want to place the copied data.
  • In that cell (B4, here), right-click and select Paste Link.

Paste Link Option to Link Two Excel Sheets

Data will be copied from Source WS into the Destination WS through a link.

Formula from Paste Link Option to Link Two Excel Sheets

If you click the copied cell in Destination WS, you will see the formula in the formula bar.

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Method 3 –  Linking Two Excel Worksheets Manually

Create a formula to link one sheet to another:

equal sign (=) -> sheet name -> exclamatory mark (!) -> cell reference

The image showcases two worksheets: Destination and Source.

two sheets to link in excel manually

Source contains data that will be copied through a link into Destination by entering a formula manually.

  • In Destination, select a cell (here, it B4).
  • Enter the formula:

  • Press Enter.

Data from Source is copied into Destination.

Manually Link Two Excel Work sheets

In linking formulas, if you add spaces and special characters, they must be wrapped in single quotes:

=’Person Names’!B4

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