How to Calculate Attendance Percentage in Excel (with Steps)


Step 1 – Creating a Dataset with Proper Parameters

  • Our sample dataset includes 7 students, the number of lectures delivered and the number of lectures they attended. We will calculate the percentage of delivered lectures attended by each student.

 Creating Data Set

Step 2 – Applying the Percentage Formula

Numerator/Denominator is the Excel formula for percentages, with the result multiplied by 100. In our example, for each student, the denominator is the number of lectures delivered, and the numerator is the number of those lectures attended.

  • Select the E5 cell.
  • Enter the following formula:
  • Press ENTER.

Applying Percentage Formula to Calculate Attendance Percentage in Excel

  • Use the Fill Handle tool and drag it down from cell E5 to cell E11 to copy the formula across the range.

Step 3 – Showing Final Result

  • All the students’ attendance percentages are returned:

Showing Final Result to Calculate Attendance Percentage in Excel

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