How to Add Suffix in Excel (4 Easy Ways)

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Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly one of the most essential and potent computer programs currently available. We can do unlimited calculations on any data using Excel features and resources. This article describes 4 fundamental Excel methods for adding suffixes. Therefore, use these 4 Easy Ways to Add Suffix in Excel.

How to Add Suffix in Excel: 4 Easy Ways

As an illustration, the below dataset has three columns labeled Name, Suffix, and Email. There are some names as values of Name Columns. In contrast, we choose as the Suffix value. We are going to complete an email combining both the Name and Suffix columns. Using these 4 methods, we’ll add Suffix in Excel. Also, I have yet to mention that I’ve been writing this article using Microsoft Excel 365. Nevertheless, you are free to use any other edition that will provide you with the most significant amount of convenience.

how to add suffix in excel

1. Utilize CONCATENATE Function to Add Suffix in Excel

The definition of Concatenate is to unite or combine.  the CONCATENATE Function joins text fragments or combines values from multiple cells into a single cell. The CONCATENATE Function is our first option for adding suffixes. To complete the work successfully, please follow the steps given below.


  • First, select the D5 cell.
  • Second, input the below formula in cell D5.
  • Third, press Enter.
  • Consequently, it will give the desired output below, which is [email protected].

Utilize CONCATENATE Function to Add Suffix in Excel

  • Now, Apply the formula used in cell D5 in other cells to add Suffixes.
  • To implement this, click on the Fill Handle icon.
  • Importantly, Not only hold it but also drag it to Cell D10.
  • As a result, it will return the desired output, as demonstrated below.

2. Use “&” Operator in Excel to Insert Suffix

Use the Ampersand (&) to combine two or more text strings into a single text string. This symbol is known as the Text Concatenation Operator in Excel. In this context, we will add a suffix using the ampersand operator. To effectively complete the work, please follow the instructions listed below.


  • First of all, choose the D cell to start.
  • Second, inside cell D, write the formula given below.
  • Third, either hit the Tab key or the Enter key.
  • As a consequence of this, you will get the output, which is [email protected].

Use “&” Operator in Excel to Insert Suffix

  • Now, Apply the formula used in cell D5 to other cells in order to add suffixes.
  • To achieve this, click the Fill Handle symbol.
  • Importantly, hold it down as well as move it to cell D10.
  • Thus, it will provide the desired result, as demonstrated below.

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3. Attach Suffix with Format Cells Attributes

The Format Cell attributes allow us to modify the appearance of cell data within the worksheet. It is vital to remember that it changes how the data is displayed and does not alter its value. In addition, with the assistance of Format Cell Attributes, it is possible to append suffixes in Excel. Carefully follow the guidelines outlined below to accomplish the task properly.


  • Firstly, Select the D cell to get started.
  • Second, inside cell D, enter the following formula.
  • After that, tap either the Tab or Enter key.
  • As a result, you’ll obtain the expected outcome.

Attach Suffix with Format Cells Attributes

  • Importantly, hold it down and drag it to cell D10.
  • Accordingly, it will provide the intended effect.

  • Now, again choose the D5 cell.
  • Then, hold the Shift key and press the Down Arrow key to select the range from D5 to D10.

Attach Suffix with Format Cells Attributes

  • Later, right-click on the range.
  • Subsequently, choose Format Cells.

  • Due to this, the Format Cells window will pop up.
  • At this time, go to Custom.
  • Then, write @”” as Suffix in the Type Section.
  • Later, hit OK.

  • Therefore, it will provide the intended outcome, as seen below.

Output of Attaching Suffix with Format Cells Attributes

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4. Add Suffix Through Excel VBA

The term VBA stands for Visual Basic for Application. Microsoft created VBA, which is a programming language. The VBA programming language enables users to access Excel-incompatible functionalities. In this section, we will apply VBA to Add Suffixes in Excel. Please observe the following instructions to complete the assignment correctly.


  • To start, choose the active sheet of the worksheet.
  • Second, navigate to Developer.
  • Then, select Visual Basic.

Add Suffix Through Excel VBA

  • After that, click Insert, followed by Module.

  • Now, type the code below into the Module Box.
Sub SOFTEKOaddSuffix()
Dim i As Integer
Dim name
Dim suffix
Dim email
For i = 5 To 10
name = Cells(i, 2).Value
suffix = Cells(i, 3).Value
Cells(i, 4).Value = name & suffix
email = Cells(i, 4).Value
End Sub
  • After that, click F5 or select the Run button to finish.

  • Thus, here will be the outcome.

Result of Adding Suffix Through Excel VBA

Download Practice Workbook

The sample workbook utilized during the workshop is freely available.


You can now use the previously discussed techniques to add suffixes in Excel. Please let us know if you have further suggestions or methods for completing the work. Please submit any questions, comments, or suggestions in the section below.

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