Driver Salary Slip Format in Excel (Create with Easy Steps)

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As an employer of every service, you are responsible for all types of documentation that you need to complete for the staff. Using a proper driver wage slip format will save the employer a significant amount of trouble later. In this article, we are going to show how to create a driver salary slip format in Excel and you will get an idea of a driver’s salary slip.

The following image is an overview of a driver’s salary slip format.

Salary Slip Format for Drivers

What Is a Salary Pay Slip?

Every month, an employee receives a paper from their company called a wage slip. From the gross wage to the net take-home pay and deductions, we will show everything. Every month, the employer gives a wage slip following the delivery of your pay.

Steps to Create a Driver Salary Slip Format in Excel

The two main parts of a driver’s salary slip are payment to the driver and receipt acknowledgment.

⦿ Step 1: Create a Driver Salary Receipt Format in Excel

  • The best way to specify a driver is by the vehicle he drives. So, we start with the vehicle number in the upper left corner of the Driver Salary Receipt.
  • After that, we will include the month of the salary paid to the driver.
  • Now we have to add the money paid in cash below the salary of the month.
  • In the upper right corner of the receipt, we will also put the date of the payment.
  • For additional clarity on the payment, we also include the Phone and Email.

Driver Salary Slip Format in Excel

  • Later in this section, the information of the employer will be added with Name and Address. Here we will also add the phone and email of the employer with his employee’s name.

the information of the employer will be added with Name and Address

⦿ Step 2: Create a Receipt Acknowledgement of the Driver’s Salary

  • An employer has paid the salary to a driver, but an additional receipt acknowledgment will make sure that the payment has actually occurred without any fraud measures.
  • To do so, we will add the salary of the month, the amount paid, and the date as in the previous section.
  • We will add this line ‘Received from Mr./Ms. to the driver towards the salary of the month of … and the total amount paid.

Driver Salary Slip Format in Excel

  • If the payment is received by the driver himself, he will add his signature in the later part of the salary slip otherwise on behalf of the driver, the receiver of the payment will sign his name and add his/ her signature.

Receiver of the payment will sign

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from the following download button.


Follow these steps and stages in creating a driver salary slip format in excel. You are welcome to download the workbook and use it for your own practice.

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