What to Do If CTRL C Is Not Working in Excel (8 Solutions)

4 Major Reasons Why CTRL C Might Not Be Working in Excel:

  • Hardware problem can create the issue.
  • The keyboard can malfunction so that CTRL C does not work in Excel.
  • The Excel you are using may be affected by a virus, so CTRL C is not working in Excel.
  • The Excel file may be corrupted.

Solution 1 – Enable Excel Clipboard Shortcut


  • Go to the Home tab >> click on the corner icon of Clipboard >> click on the Options >> choose Show Office Clipboard When Ctrl + C Pressed Twice.

Enable Clipboard Shortcut

  • Select the cell that you want to copy, and it will appear on the clipboard (e.g., B5).

Enable Excel Clipboard Shortcut

  • Paste it wherever needed.

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Solution 2 – Utilizing Context Menu


  • Select the cell that you want to copy.
  • Right-click on it. A context menu will pop out.
  • Select Copy.

This gives you an alternative method to copy when Ctrl-C is not working.

Utilizing Context Menu

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Solution 3 – Enable CTRL C in Command Prompt and PowerShell

If CTRL C is not working in Excel, you can enable windows command prompt or PowerShell.


  • Firstly, open the Run function by pressing Windows + R.
  • A dialog box will pop up. Type cmd and click OK.

Enable CTRL C in Command Prompt and PowerShell

  • Select Properties from the Context Menu.

Enable CTRL C in Command Prompt and PowerShell

  • Check Enable Ctrl key shortcuts from the Options.
  • Press OK.

Enable CTRL C in Command Prompt and PowerShell

  • Close it and reopen the command prompt in order for the changes to take effect.

Solution 4 – Reboot the PC in Clean Boot State


  • Open Run (Windows + R) or press Windows + R.
  • Type msconfig in the Open box and press OK.

Reboot the PC in Clean Boot State

  • Under the General tab, uncheck Load startup items in the Selective startup.

Reboot the PC in Clean Boot State

  • Move to Services, select Hide all Microsoft services, and Disable all. 

Reboot the PC in Clean Boot State

  • In the Startup tab, select Open Task Manager.

  • Then disable each and every startup process.

  • Save changes and reboot in Clean Mode.

Solution 5 – Enable and Disable the Excel Add-In


  • Open the Excel file.
  • Select File >> click Options.
  • In the Add-ins tab, click Go next to Manage.

Enable and Disable the Excel Add-In

  • Uncheck all the boxes to disable the Add-Ins.

  • Enable them again and CTRL C should be working.

Solution 6 – Update the Keyboard Driver

A corrupted driver may cause an issue with CTRL C not working in Excel. You can update the driver or reinstall it to resolve the issue.


  • First, go to Device Manager, select Keyboards >> click Update Driver.

Update the Keyboard Driver

  • If no update is available, then reinstall the keyboard driver.

Solution 7 – Run the Keyboard Troubleshooter


  • Go to Settings >> Update & Security >> Troubleshoot >> Additional troubleshooters.

Run the Keyboard Troubleshooter

  • Select the Keyboard and Run the troubleshooter.

Run the Keyboard Troubleshooter

Solution 8 – Launch Excel in Safe Mode

Sometimes damaged or corrupted Excel functions restrain you from copying the data. You can use Excel in safe mode to solve this.


  • Press and hold the CTRL key.
  • Open the Excel file.
  • A dialog box will appear, Select Yes.

Launch Excel in Safe Mode

Launching Excel in safe mode should help address any issues related to copying data.

Download Practice Workbook

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