How to Create an XML Mapping in Excel – 3 Easy Steps



Step 1 – Choosing an XML File

The XML file code attached in the below image will be used.

The structure is needed to create an XML mapping.

Step 2 – Mapping the XML into an Excel File

Create an XML mapping for the following data table.

  • Go to the Developer tab, and in the XML area, select Source.

Procedures to Create XML Mapping in Excel

  • In the panel, select XML Maps.

  • Select Add in the dialog box.

  • Select the file.
  • Enter the code mentioned earlier and save it as an XML file. Here, XML Example.xml.

Procedures to Create XML Mapping in Excel

  • In the message, click OK.

  • Click OK in the XML Maps box.

Procedures to Create XML Mapping in Excel

  • The structure of the XML Example file will be displayed in the XML source panel.

Procedures to Create XML Mapping in Excel

  • Drag and drop the field names from the XML Source panel to the table’s columns.

  • The XML is mapped in the Excel file.

Procedures to Create XML Mapping in Excel

Step 3 – Exporting the Excel File as an XML File

  • Select Export in the XML section in the Developer tab.

  • Name the new file and save it.

Things to Remember

  • The data type must be the same while mapping a column.
  • It is not necessary to have the same number of fields as in the XML file, but all the fields/columns in the workbook must be mapped to export the file as XML.

Download Practice Workbook

Download the practice workbook here.

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