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Excel VBA to Show Message on Status Bar 

Customizing the Excel Status Bar message using VBA allows users to personalize their experience and gain valuable insights during the execution of macros or ...

Excel Reference Named Range in Another Sheet (3 Examples)

Excel's named range is a powerful tool that allows users to refer to a specific range of cells by a name rather than a cell address. This feature makes it ...

How to Use Excel SUMIF to Sum Values Greater Than 0

When working with large datasets in Excel, it is often necessary to sum values that meet a certain condition. One useful function for this purpose is the SUMIF ...

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  1. Hello Jaye,
    Hope you are doing well.
    #NAME error appears when you have a syntax problem in your formula. There shouldn’t be any #NAME error appearance when you add a new sheet to your workbook. We have checked out the VBA and the function and didn’t find any problem.

    We recommend you share your file or at least a Screenshot of the problem with us and we will get back to you about a solution.

    Hassan Shuvo || ExcelDemy

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