How to Turn Off Sheet View in Excel (with Easy Steps)

If you are looking for how to turn off Sheet View in Excel, then you are in the right place. In our practical life, we often need to work with Excel sheet views to filter specific databases and use them within one sheet in an effective way. And again, we need to turn off the sheet view for specific reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss how to turn off sheet view in Excel.

Turn Off Sheet View in Excel: 2 Steps

Excel offers some easy steps to turn off the sheet view. To show this, we have prepared a dataset named Dataset to Turn Off Sheet View which has column headers as Branch Name, Sales Rep, Product Name, and Sales.

turn off sheet view in excel

We’ll now discuss how to turn off the sheet view.

Step-01: Activating Sheet View 

To understand the steps of turning off the sheet view, firstly, we need to activate the Sheet View. Activating sheet view is another topic of interest. Here, the dataset we are dealing with is activated already which we can understand by seeing the following things.

  • AutoSave is turned On.
  • The New option is available in the Sheet View box under View.
  • Columns and Rows are marked with black color.

turn off sheet view in excel, activate sheet view

Step-02: Using Sheet View Option to Turn Off Sheet View

In this step, we’ll see how to turn off sheet view. To show this, we have made a dataset where we can see the turn on of the sheet view. In the following database of Turn Off Sheet View, we have filtered Branch 1 from the Branch Name header and also we have filtered the Sales in a descending manner. We can understand this by seeing the filter icon in these two column headers. The dataset is like this.

turn off sheet view in excel

Suppose we want to turn off this sheet view.

  • Firstly, go to View > click Exit from Sheet View box.

turn off sheet view in excel

  • Immediately, we’ll see that the sheet view has turned off and the Default view has appeared. 

We’ll understand this by watching the removal of the black color of Columns and Rows.

turn off sheet view in excel

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How to Switch Between Sheet Views

We can switch between sheet views very easily. We need to work on the following dataset to show this.

turn off sheet view in excel, switch sheet view

  • Firstly, go to View. We’ll see from the Sheet View box that the current sheet view is of Sales in Descending Manner.
  • Secondly, click on the icon of the sheet view name.
  • Thirdly, choose any option from there. We have selected Sales in Branch 1 i.e. we want to switch from Sales in Descending Manner to Sales in Branch 1.

turn off sheet view in excel, switch sheet view

Consequently, we’ll see that the sheet view is switched to Sales in Branch 1.

turn off sheet view in excel, switch sheet view

How to Delete Sheet View

We can permanently delete a sheet view easily. We’ll work on the following dataset to show this. Here, in this dataset, we can see that the sheet view is for Sales in Branch 1. We want to delete this sheet view.

turn off sheet view in excel, delete sheet view

  • Firstly, go to View > select Options.


Eventually, a Sheet View Options window will appear.

  • Secondly, choose Sales in Branch 1 > press Delete.


Consequently, a window of Delete this sheet view? will appear.

  • Thirdly, press Delete.


  • Fourthly, the Sheet View Options window will appear. Click the cross mark.


Finally, we’ll see that the sheet view of Sales in Branch 1 has been deleted. We will understand this if we go to View, then we’ll not see any Sales in Branch 1 option in the Sheet View box.


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We can turn off the sheet view very efficiently if we study this article properly. By studying this, we can also get an effective knowledge of the ways of activating sheet view or switching sheet view. 

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  1. Thank you for your helpful information! – but I have been unable to delete something that I inadvertently created that is related to Sheet View, and I cannot (yet) find help on-line – yours is the closest!

    In trying to filter values in a column, I some how I ended up creating a screen in which two columns are not visible, and the filter button on the column I was working on now has an up-arrow in it. Simultaneously, a new bar appeared across my screen below the “formula bar”, with a box labelled “1” in it. (In trying to work out how to removed it, I may have created a second box with a “2” in it – which is there now; but it is possible that it appeared at the same time as Button 1.)
    These two boxes are buttons, and I can use them to toggle back-and-forth between the two ways of viewing my data, i.e., in its original state: Button 1 hides 2 columns, and Button 2 returns to normal viewing, with all columns visible. (I can appreciate the potential utility of this feature, but not for my current work.)
    Also, a line appears in the new bar, over the two columns that can be hidden, and has a box with a “-” or “+” sign to the right: clicking on one of these (as with clicking on the “1” or “2” buttons to the far left) hides/reveals the hidden columns.
    I cannot work out how to delete these buttons and the “hidden columns” feature that I accidentally set up when trying to filter data in a column. I have experimented with “features in the top-level “View” option, and “Screen View” (when in View), and also looked at the filter feature – but no joy.
    Is this something that you know how to delete?
    Appreciate any advice that you might have!

    • Reply Lutfor Rahman Shimanto
      Lutfor Rahman Shimanto Dec 11, 2023 at 11:47 AM

      Hello BRIAN

      Your appreciation means a lot us. Thanks for reaching out and posting a well-layout question. You encounter an issue with hidden columns and buttons that toggle between different sheet views. And you want to delete these buttons and the hidden column features. It isn’t easy to give an exact solution without the exact details of the worksheet views. However, I have some general ideas to help you with your problem.

      First, identify the toggle buttons and go to sheet views, followed by view options. Later, delete that sheet view. Additionally, you remove the applied filters and groupings. Select the columns surrounding the hidden ones, right-click, and choose Unhide to ensure all columns are visible.

      If you still have difficulties, you can share your problem in the ExcelDemy Forum with more detailed information. Good luck!

      Lutfor Rahman Shimanto

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