Save Excel Table as Image with High Resolution (with Easy Steps)

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This article illustrates how to save an Excel table as an image with high resolution. If you print an Excel table, it will stay sharp no matter how much you enlarge it. But this will not be the case if you export it as a picture. Images will always get pixelated based on how much you enlarge them. But there is a possible way around saving an Excel table as an image with high resolution. Follow the article to apply the workaround.

Steps to Save Excel Table as Image with High Resolution

Follow the steps below to be able to save an Excel table as an image with high resolution.

Step 1: Create an Excel Table

Assume you have the following excel table. You can create a table in excel using the CTRL+T shortcut.

Step 2: Copy the Table as Picture

  • Now select the table area and copy it as a picture from the Clipboard group in the Home tab.

  • Then the Copy Picture dialog box will open. Keep the Appearance As Shown on Screen and the Format as Picture. Then click OK.

Step 3: Paste & Enlarge the Picture

  • Now Paste the copied image anywhere in the worksheet. You can use the CTRL+V shortcut to do that.
  • You could’ve copied the table using the CTRL+C shortcut and pasted it as a picture using Paste Special to get the same result.
  • Now select the image and put the cursor on a circle in any corner of the image. Then you will see a double-sided arrow. Next drag the corner to zoom the image considerably. The image will stay sharp no matter how much you zoom it.

save excel table as image high resolution

Step 4: Save Table as Picture

  • After that, right-click on the image and select Save as Picture.

save excel table as image high resolution

  • Next, enter a file name and choose a file format in the Save as Picture window. Then click on the Save button.

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Step 5: Observe Image Quality

  • Now open the image file and zoom in. You will see the following result at 200% zoom.

Step 6: Increase Image Resolution

  • You can right-click on the image file and select Properties to see the image resolution from the Details tab. You may see that the image resolution is 96 dpi only. You can export the image with a higher resolution if needed using any photo editing software.

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Things to Remember

  • Enlarge the pasted image as much as possible before saving it as a picture. This will allow you to enlarge the image without making it pixelated.
  • Increasing the image resolution using the photo editing software may not increase the image quality. It is just to meet the requirement for image resolution.


Now you know how to save an Excel table as an image with high resolution. Do you have any further queries or suggestions? Please let us know using the comment section below. Stay with us and keep learning.

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