How to Abbreviate Numbers in Excel: 3 Easy Methods

Method 1 – Apply a Predefined Format to Abbreviate Numbers


  • Select column D to format it.

Use Predefined Format to Abbreviate Numbers

  • Right-click on the selected range.
  • A context menu bar pops up.
  • Tap the Format Cells option.

  • The Format Cells options menu opens up.
  • Select Number, then Custom options.
  • In the Type box, scroll down to tap [>999999]#,,”M”;#,”K”. You can also copy & paste it.
  • Hit OK.

  • The abbreviated number format appears.

Method 2 – Compress Numbers Using a Custom Format for Cells in Excel


  • Select the desired range you want to format.
  • Right-click on it and then select the Format Cells option.

Compress Numbers Using Custom Format Cells in Excel

  • The Format Cells menu will open.
  • Go to Number > Custom > Type.
  • In the Type box, insert the format 0,K.
  • Press OK.

  • Here’s the result.

Method 3 – Insert the ROUND Function to Abbreviate Numbers


  • Insert the following formula in cell D5:
=ROUND(C5/1000000,1)& "M"

Insert ROUND Function to Abbreviate Numbers

  • Press Enter and use the autofill feature to fill the other cells.

How Does the Formula Work?

  • C5/1000000

This part of the formula divides the number in cell C by 1000000.

  • ROUND(C5/1000000,1)

The ROUND function syntax returns 2 arguments. C5/1000000 represents the number syntax that rounds the number. 1 indicates num_digits syntax which returns the number of digits to round in.

  • ROUND(C5/1000000,1)& “M”

The & “M” adds the text M.

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