How to Convert TextBox Value to Cell with VBA in Excel

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In order to take the information from the Microsoft Excel users, there is an option named User TextBox. We can also convert the TextBox value to a cell with the help of VBA. In this article, I am going to explain the whole procedure in detailed steps on how to convert TextBox value to a cell with VBA in Excel. I hope it will be very helpful for you if you are looking for an efficient way to do so.

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Step-by-Step Procedures to Convert TextBox Value to Cell with VBA in Excel

In order to explain the whole procedure to convert TextBox value to a cell with VBA, I have divided the whole procedure into 6 different steps. Along with that, I am going to use the following dataset. Here, I have made a template of the dataset with the Player Name, Country, Position, Club, and WC Goals columns. Let’s march forward to explain the whole procedure.

Excel VBA TextBox Value to Cell

Step 1: Import VBA Window

  • As we are going to use VBA, we need to import the VBA window first. For this, go to the Developer tab.
  • Next, click on Visual basic from the ribbon.

Import VBA Window

  • Followingly, go to the Insert tab.
  • Click on UserForm from the available options.

  • A UserForm window will appear along with the Toolbox window.

Excel VBA TextBox Value to Cell

Step 2: Insert Labels on UserForm

  • To insert a Label, click on Label from the Toolbox window.

Insert Labels on UserForm

  • Now, drag the mouse as your wish to have a preferred size Label. You can rename the Label according to your wish.

Step 3: Add TextBox to UserForm

  • We can also add TextBox from the Toolbox For this, click on TextBox from the Toolbox window and drag the mouse on the UserForm window.

Add TextBox to UserForm

  • Now, in similar ways, create the Labels and TextBox as many as you need.

 Excel VBA TextBox Value to Cell

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Step 4: Insert Command Button

  • We are in need of a command button to execute the VBA. For this, click on CommandButton from the Toolbox and create a command button in the UserrForm.

Insert Command Button

Step 5: Assign VBA Macro

  • Now, assign the VBA Macro in the command button. For this, double-click on the command button.
  • After that, write the following code in that interface.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
PlayerName = "B5"
CountryName = "C5"
Position = "D5"
Club = "E5"
WCGoals = "F5"
TextBoxValue1 = PlayerName_TextBox.Text
i = 1
While Range(PlayerName).Cells(i, 1) <> ""
i = i + 1
Sheets("Textbox to Cell").Range(PlayerName).Cells(i, 1).Value = TextBoxValue1
TextBoxValue2 = Country_TextBox.Text
Sheets("Textbox to Cell").Range(CountryName).Cells(i, 1).Value = TextBoxValue2
TextBoxValue3 = Position_TextBox.Text
Sheets("Textbox to Cell").Range(Position).Cells(i, 1).Value = TextBoxValue3
TextBoxValue4 = Club_TextBox.Text
Sheets("Textbox to Cell").Range(Club).Cells(i, 1).Value = TextBoxValue4
TextBoxValue5 = WCGoals_TextBox.Text
Sheets("Textbox to Cell").Range(WCGoals).Cells(i, 1).Value = TextBoxValue5
End Sub

Assign VBA Macro

  • Click on the Run or F5 button to execute the code. It will bring the UserForm into the worksheet.

 Excel VBA TextBox Value to Cell

Step 6: Convert TextBox Value to Cell

  • Now, write the necessary text in the TextBox and click on the command button (i.e. Insert).

Convert TextBox Value to Cell

  • The text written in the TextBox will convert into cell value.

  • Similarly, insert more information and click on Insert. The information will turn into text in the following line.

Excel VBA TextBox Value to Cell

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At the end of this article, I like to add that I have tried to explain the whole procedure in detailed steps on how to convert TextBox value to a cell with VBA in Excel. It will be a matter of great pleasure for me if this article could help any Excel user even a little. For any further queries, comment below. You can visit our site for more articles about using Excel.

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