How to Calculate GST in Excel (With Easy Steps)

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This tutorial will demonstrate how to calculate GST in excel. GST plays an essential role in the economy of any country. It helps a vital role in simplifying the taxation process. It brings more business under the taxation business and reduces corruption. So, it is crucial to learn to calculate GST in excel.

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What Is GST?

GST means Goods and Services Tax. It is the added tax imposed on domestic goods and services. The purpose of GST is to simplify the taxation process and bring more business models under legal authorization. It also reduces corruption and illegal money laundering. Moreover, it gives a level playing field to small traders. So, overall it creates a uniform market which increases the manufacturing process and thus increases exports and imports businesses.

Step-by-Step Procedures to Calculate GST in Excel

If you follow the steps correctly, you should learn how to calculate GST in excel on your own. The steps are:

Step 1: Arranging Proper Dataset

In this case, our goal is to calculate GST. But to do so, we need a dataset on which we will work. The step is.

  • First, we have the Products in Column B and the Price Without GST in Column C.

Procedures to Calculate GST

  • Next, we have to create three important columns. In Column D we have GST Rate, in Column E we have GST Amount and in Column F we have Price With GST. These three columns are the main factors in calculating GST in excel.

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Step 2: Calculating GST Amount

Now, we want to calculate the GST amount in excel. We can fulfill that by following the below steps.

  • At first, insert the desired GST Rate in column D.

Inserting the GST Rate

  • Second, insert the following formula into cell E5.

Inserting the GST Amount Formula

  • Third, press the Enter button to get the result for this cell.

Procedures to Calculate GST

  • Last, do the same for each cell of column E (multiply each cell of column C with column D) and you will get the desired result.

Procedures to Calculate GST

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Step 3: Determining Price with GST

Next, we aim to determine the price of goods with GST by following the below steps.

  • To begin with, insert the following formula in cell F5.

Procedures to Calculate GST

  • In addition, you will get the result for the cell and then use the Fill Handle option.

Procedures to Calculate GST

  • Finally, after using the Fill Handle option, you will get the desired result.

Procedures to Calculate GST

How to Calculate GST Rate in Excel

In this case, our goal is to calculate the GST Rate in excel. The steps of this process are described below.


  • At first, we arranged the dataset like the following image. It is important to note that the price without GST and the price with GST must be given.
  • Second, in column E we have the GST Amount, and in column F we have the GST Rate.

  • Third, insert the following formula in cell E5.

Procedures to Calculate GST

  • Fourth, you will get the result for that cell and use the Fill Handle to apply it to all cells of column E.

  • Fifth, you will the desired result.

  • Sixth, select column F then go to the Home tab and select the Percentage option in the Number option.

  • Seventh, insert the following formula in cell F5.

  • Eighth, you will result for that cell and use the Fill Handle option to apply to all desired cells.

  • Last, you will get the desired result.

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Things to Remember

  • If we know the GST Rate, then we will determine the Price With GST by following the first process. Even we can change the GST Rate accordingly to get the desired result.
  • But if we have to determine the GST Rate, you have to arrange the price with and without GST.

Excel GST Calculator: Knowledge Hub


Henceforth, follow the above-described methods. Hopefully, these methods will help you to calculate GST in excel. We will be glad to know if you can execute the task in any other way. Follow the ExcelDemy website for more articles like this. Please feel free to add comments, suggestions, or questions in the section below if you have any confusion or face any problems. We will try our level best to solve the problem or work with your suggestions.

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