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Souptik Roy, a BSc graduate in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, dedicated 1.5 years to the ExcelDemy project. During this time, he authored 50+ articles and reviewed 20+ for ExcelDemy. Presently, he is a designer and content developer at YouHaveGotThisMath and Brainor, sister concerns of ExcelDemy. His educational content spans science, mathematics, and grammar. Roy's interests include developing creative ideas, visualizing concepts with tools like Adobe Illustrator, and problem-solving within Microsoft Office Suites.


Designer and Content Developer at YouHaveGotThisMath and Brainor in SOFTEKO.

Lives in

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Education in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology.


Content writing, C, C++, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Excel, Microsoft Office, Abacus.



  • Started as Excel & VBA Content Developer on 16 August 2022.
  • Currently working as a Designer and Content Developer for Project YouHaveGotThisMath and Brainor.
  • Former Part-time Content Reviewer- 10 Minute School - from November 2021-August 2022.
  • Former Part-Time Content Writer - Bengal Society- from October 2021- August 2022

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