How to Create a Min-Max-Average Chart in Excel – 4 Steps

Here is an overview of the Min Max Average chart in Excel to help users better understand it.

min max average chart Excel

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What Is a Min Max Average Chart?

A Min-Max-Average chart, also known as a range chart or error bar chart, is a graphical representation of data that displays three key values: the minimum, maximum, and average.

1.1-Min Max Average chart


Step 1 – Create a Dataset

This is the sample dataset.

2-Creation of the dataset with proper parameters in Excel

Step 2 – Insert a Line Chart

  • Select  B5:G5 and B11:G13.
  • Go to the Insert tab >> Charts >> Insert Line or Area Charts >> 2-D Line with markers.

3-Inserting a Line Chart

  • A Line chart will be displayed.

4-Creating a Line Chart to make Min Max Avg Chart in Excel

Notes: Leaving the first cell blank or using it for labels helps Excel correctly interpret the data and create an accurate 2-D column chart.

Step 3 – Formatting the Line Chart

  • Name the chart: “Min Max and Average Chart”.
  • Right-click any portion of the Max line chart >> Choose Format Data Series.

5-Giving chart name as Min Max and Average Chart

  • Choose Fill & Line >> Select No line in Line.

6-Selection of No line option

  • Choose marker size 8 in Built-in Marker Options.

7-Selection of the Marker Options feature

  • Remove the lines and change the marker size for min and average.

8-Removing line and change marker size

Step 4 – Inserting Min Max and Average Vertical Line

  • Select any marker point of the min max and average chart >> Go to Chart Design.
  • Choose Add Chart Element >> Select High-Low Lines in Line.

9-Using the High-Low Lines feature

  • This is the output.

10-Creating min max and average chart in Excel

How to Make a Horizontal Max Min Average Chart in Excel

Use a 2-D Bar Chart.

  • Select the data range >> Go to the Insert tab >> Charts >> Insert Column or Bar Chart >> 2-D Bar.

11-Selection of the 2-D Bar Chart

  • A horizontal Max Min Average 2-D Bar chart is displayed.

12-Min Max and Average Horizontal Line Charts

How to Add a Max or Min Line to a Chart in Excel

Create a 2-D Column chart.

  • Select B4:C14 >> Go to the Insert tab >> Charts >> Insert Column or Bar Chart >> 2-D Column.
  • A 2-D Column chart will be displayed.

16-Creating 2-D Column chart

  • Right-click the chart area and choose “Select Data”.

17-Selection of the Select Data feature

  • In the “Select Data Source” dialog box, select Legend Entries (Series) and click Add.
  • In Edit Series, enter Series name and Series values.
  • Click OK.

18-Insertion of Series Name and series value

The Max 2-D column chart will be displayed.

  • Select any Column in the chart.
  • In Chart Design >> Choose Change Chart Type in Type.

19-Selection of the Change Chart Type feature

  • In the Change Chart Type dialog box >> All Charts >> Combo >> Stacked Line >> OK.

20-Select the Stacked Line chart to add a Max line

  • The Max line is added to the 2-D Column chart.

21-Adding Max Line to 2-D Column chart

  • Follow the same procedure to add a Min Line.

22-Adding Min Line to 2-D Column chart

How to create an Average Line in Excel Graph

Create an Average line in an Excel graph.

23-Insertion of Average Line chart

How to Make Min Max and Average Column Charts in Excel

  • Select B5:G5 and B11:G13.
  • In the Insert tab, go to:

Insert >> Charts >> Insert Column or Bar Charts >> Clustered Column

24-Making a Min Max Avg Column Chart

  • The min max and average clustered column chart is displayed.
  • Format the chart.

25-Min MAx and Average Column Chart


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I update the data in the chart automatically?

Answer: Yes, if your chart is linked to a data range, any changes you make will automatically be displayed in the chart.

2. Can I customize the appearance of the Min-Max-Average chart?

Answer: Yes, you can customize the appearance of the Min-Max-Average chart. You can change: title, axis labels, data labels, colors, line styles, and marker styles. Right-click chart elements to access the formatting options.

3. How can I add a trendline to the Min-Max-Average chart?

Answer: To add a trendline, right-click any data series in the chart and select “Add Trendline.” Choose a trendline type (linear, exponential, etc.).


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