How to Insert a Column if Greyed-out in Excel (9 Solutions)

Solution 1 – Change Microsoft Excel AppData with Windows Run Feature


  • Close the Excel file.
  • Press the Windows key + R to enter the Run window.
  • Enter %appdata%\Microsoft\Excel into the box.
  • Click OK.

Change Microsoft Excel AppData with Windows Run Feature to enable Insert Column option

  • Enter the file section of Microsoft Excel. Find out the xlb.
  • Modify the file extension to .old from the .xlb.

The Insert Column option will appear.

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Solution 2 – Unprotect a Protected Workbook


  • Go to the Review tab in the ribbon.
  • Click on the Protect Workbook option.

Unprotect a Protected Workbook to Solve Insert Column Problem

This workbook is not protected, and the Insert Column option will now be enabled.

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Solution 3 – Unprotect a Protected Worksheet


  • Go to the Review tab of the ribbon.
  • Choose the Unprotect Sheet option.

Unprotect a Protected Worksheet

Insert Column is enabled.

Solution 4 – Select Column(s) before Inserting a New Column

When we need to insert new columns, we must select a column and then insert another new column(s). But, if we select a row and want to insert a column, the Insert Column will be greyed out. Look at the below image. Here, we selected Row 4. Then went to the Insert option. We can see that the Insert Sheet Columns option is greyed out here.

Select Column(s) before Inserting a New Column Solving Greyed Out problem

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Solution 5 – Exit from Cell Editing Mode

If we want to insert a new column, the cursor should not be in Cell Editing mode. If we are in Cell Editing mode, we should escape from the editing mode by pressing the Esc button. Then, the Insert Column option will be enabled.

Exit from Cell Editing Mode to Insert Column

Solution 6 – Change Display Option Settings to Enable Insert Columns


  • Enter the Excel Options from File > Options. Or we can press Alt+F+T.
  • Select the Advanced option from the left side.
  • Go to Display options for this workbook: section.
  • Choose the All option and click OK.

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Solution 7 – Fix a Greyed-out Insert Column in a Shared Workbook

The Insert Column option is disabled in a Shared Workbook. To solve this issue,

  • follow Review > Share Workbook.
  • Uncheck the Allow changes by more than one user at the same time, and press OK.

Solution 8 – Detect and Remove Unnecessary Excel Add-ins That Disable Insert Column Option

We know that Microsoft Excel includes various Add-ins that help you work with your data more effectively. However, some add-ins can cause issues while working in Excel.

To solve this problem,

  • Go to File>Options>Add-ins.
  • Remove each Add-in one by one and notice whether the Add-in causing the problem is detected. After detecting the exact Add-in(s), remove those Add-ins to solve this problem.

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Solution 9 – Enable the Insert Column Option with an Excel VBA Code


  • Go to the Sheet Name of the bottom section of any sheet.
  • Press the right button of the mouse. Choose the View Code option from the Context Menu.

Excel VBA Solution for Insert Column Disability

  • The VBA window will appear. Choose the Module option from the Insert tab.

  • The VBA command module will appear. Enter the VBA code here.

  • Enter the following VBA code into the module:
  • Run the code by pressing the F5 button.
Public Sub Reset_column()
End Sub

Excel VBA Solution for Insert Column Disability

Download the Practice Workbook

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