Is There Any Way to Increase the Excel Row Limit?

Each workbook in Excel has a limit on the number of rows and columns of data it allows.

Tip: Hold the CTRL+Down Arrow key simultaneously to jump to the last row of your workbook. CTRL+Right Arrow key does the same for columns.

Is There Any Way to Increase the Row Limit in Excel?

The short answer is no. However, there are ways around it using a Data Model.

How to Increase the Row Limit in Excel Using a Data Model

Assume you have the following 3 datasets. The first includes the student’s class test marks, the second contains the students’ mid-term exam marks, and the third dataset contains the final exam marks.

Increase Excel Row Limit Using Data Model (Sample Dataset)

Our goal is to connect these 3 datasets and then create a relationship among them using a Data Model.


  • Click anywhere in the first dataset.
  • Go to the Insert tab and click on the Table option. A window will pop up.

Increase Excel Row Limit Using Data Model

  • Check the data locations of your first dataset and mark the My table has headers checkbox, and then press OK.

  • Select a new table, and insert the table’s name in the Table Name under the tools group by selecting the new table.

Extend Row Limit Using Data Model

  • The first dataset is converted to a Table object.
  • Repeat the above steps for the remaining data.

Extend Row Limit Using Data Model

  • Go to the Data tab then Data Tools.
  • Click on the Relationships button. A Manage Relationship window will pop up.

Extend Row Limit Using Data Model

  • Click New. The Create Relationship Dialog box will pop up.

Extend Row Limit Using Data Model

  • Expand the Table and Related Table dropdown and select the relevant tables and columns.
  • Click OK.

Create Relationship Dialog Box

  • The Manage Relationship dialog box will pop up.

Manage Relationship Dialog Box

  • Repeat the steps as necessary for other tables.

All 3 tables are now related.

Using PivotTables to Analyze Table Objects

  • Click on Insert tab > PivotTable. A pop-up window will appear.

Increase Excel Row Limit Using Data Model (Pivot Table)

  • Check the Use an external data source > click on Choose Connection. An Existing Connection window will appear.

  • Click on Tables > select Tables in Workbook Data Model > click on Open. A window will pop up.

Workbook Data Model

  • Select New Worksheet > press OK.

Increase Excel Row Limit Using Data Model

The PivotTable Fields pane will show the table objects that are available to analyze.

Now, if we want to calculate the total CT marks for all students, here it is.

PivotTable Table Application


Using a Data Model, tables from different sheets are easily available to use and analyze, making a large amount of data much easier to handle.

Download Practice Workbook

Download the following Excel file for your practice.

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