How to Remove Pivot Table but Keep Data (Step-by-Step Guide)

In this article, I will show you how to remove the pivot table but keep the pivot table data.

The pivot table is very important when we want to analyze or slice data to get insight. For the employees who analyze data regularly, they cannot think a day without a pivot table. This is a special part of Microsoft Excel. The pivot table is the single best way to analyze data.

The Process of Removing Pivot Table by Keeping the Stored Data

Let me assume that you already have a pivot table created from a dataset. And you have made a report from that pivot table. Now you want to delete the pivot table but want to keep the report intact. Follow these steps to do that:

  • Go to the Analyze tab (it is only available when you have selected a cell of the pivot table report) and click on the Select menu and choose the Entire Pivot_Table

how to delete a pivot table

  • The entire pivot table report will be selected.

  • Now press Ctrl + C for copying the entire pivot table data. Select a cell in the same worksheet or any worksheet where you want to keep this data.
  • Now press Ctrl + V for pasting the data.

  • Click on the Ctrl dropdown. You will find several options. Just choose the Value (v) option from the Paste Values

  • After that, we get the following pivot table raw data.

Now, let’s remove the pivot table

We have the pivot table data saved in another location. Now, let’s delete the pivot table from the worksheet.

Again, we select the entire pivot table report. We can select the entire pivot table in two ways:

  1. Selecting all the pivot table data manually

2. Or we can select a cell in the pivot table report and then selecting in this way: Pivot Table Tools => Analyze tab => Action section => Select drop-down => Choose Entire       Pivot_Table command

  • Now press the Delete key on the keyboard to delete the pivot table.
  • Or you can also choose the Clear All command from Home tab => Editing section => Clear dropdown

You will find your pivot table will be completely deleted from the worksheet. Thus, we can delete the pivot table without losing pivot table data.


There is no direct way to delete the pivot table without losing data. This the easiest way to delete the pivot table and keep all the data of the deleted pivot table.



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