How to Fit Long Text in One Cell in Excel

Nowadays, Excel is quite a common tool to use in corporate life and day-to-day life as well. As a beginner, many people face some common problems in Excel. One of the problems is fitting long text in a single cell. Sometimes you need to insert long text in one cell and if the text crosses the cell width then it’s difficult to write anything to the next column without fixing this issue. In this article, we will learn how to fit long text in one cell in Excel using different methods.

The overview video shows a method to fit long text in one cell. We cover every possible method to solve this issue. You will know better once you go through the total article. So, let’s start.

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How to Fit Long Text in One Cell in Excel : 6 Simple Ways

The dataset represents the Writer’s Name and their Book Name. But the names of the books need to be bigger to fit in one cell. As the book names are long, we need to fit these long text in one cell in Excel. Follow simple and easy ways to fit long text in one cell in Excel.


1. Use of Wrap Text Feature

Here, we will apply the Wrap Text feature of Excel to fit long text in one cell. Follow the below steps for further knowledge.


  • Initially, select the range C5:C12 to wrap the texts at a time.
  • After that, select Wrap Text from the Alignment group.

Selecting wrap text from toolbar to fit long text in one cell in excel

  • The output will be similar to the below image.

Output after wrap text

Texts are not well visible. We need to adjust the cell or row height.

  • Again, select range C5:C12 and follow Cells >> Format >> AutoFit Row Height from the toolbar.

Fixing the row height

  • The final result is below.

Output of Applying Wrap Text Feature

Here, each book name is fit in a single cell.

Note: You can also use a shortcut, instead of selecting Wrap Text from the Toolbar you can simply press ALT + H + W from the keyboard to apply the wrap text operation.

2. Adjusting Column Width Manually

In this method, we will fix the long text into one single cell by adjusting the row width manually.

  • Select Column C by clicking on the Column Bar and drag down the Fill Handle to the end of the sentence to fit the long text in one cell.

This fits a long text fit to a single. But if the text length is too long then this process will not be fruitful.

3. Fit Long Text in One Cell Using AutoFit Column Width Feature

Here is another way to fit long text in one cell. We will get AutoFit Column Width feature from the toolbar. Follow the below steps to execute this process.


  • In the beginning, select range C5:C12 to fix the cells.
  • Afterward, select Cells >> Format >> Auto-Fit Column Width from the toolbar to execute this process.

Selecting autofit column width from the toolbar to fit long text in one cell in excel

  • The final output will be similar to below.

Final output of using auto-fit column width

4. Entering Line Break to Fit Long Text

Now, we will insert line break to fit long text in Excel. So, put your cursor where you want to break the line and press Alt + Enter to execute this process.

Placing the cursor to break the line to fit long text in one cell in excel

  • Repeat this process for every cell in range C5:C12 and the output will be similar to the below one.

Output after applying line break

  • To fit the row height of each cell apply AutoFit Row Height process as shown in Method 1.

Output after breaking the line

5. Applying Shrink to Fit Option to Fit Long Text

In this method, we will use Shrink to fit the feature from the Alignment settings. This option shrinks your text size to fit the total text in one cell.

  • First, select range C5:C12 and select Dialog box launcher from the Alignment section.

Selecting dialog box launcher to fit long text in one cell in excel

  • Format cell dialog box will pop up.
  • Select Shrink to fit from Text Control section and click OK.

Selecting shrink to fit option to fit long text in one cell in excel

  • The final output will be similar to below

Final output after applying shrink to fit option

Here, the font size won’t be the same in all cells because the text is shrunk according to the length of the sentence.

6. Merging Cells to Fit Long Text

Here, in this method, we will show you how to merge cells to fit the long text in one cell.

  • Initially, select all the cells that overlap the sentence.
  • Now, select Merge & Across from the drop-down bar of Merge & Center.

Choosing merge across to fit long text in one cell in Excel

  • Now you get the merged one cell text as below.

Output after merging one cell

  • Finally, repeat the process to the rest of the cells as below.

Output after completing merging.

Things to Remember

  • Once you wrap the long text, you need to change the row height to see the whole sentence.
  • You can change your text orientation while you are selecting Wrap Text or Shrink to fit from the Format Cell dialog box.


In this article, we learned how to fit long text in one cell in Excel. This is one of the common problems for beginners. All the processes are covered to solve this issue. Hopefully, you can solve shown in this article. Please let us know in the comment section if there is any query or suggestions or you can also visit Exceldemy to explore more.

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