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So, you’re looking for free online Excel courses and training with certificates.

You’re in the right place.

On this page, I’ve listed 40+ free Excel courses (online based) and after the completion of the courses, you can ask for a Certificate of Completion.

Professional Excel courses are not cheap. If you want to learn Excel face to face from some institutes, it will cost you top dollars.

Even if you enroll a course online, the course might cost you from $100 to $400.

Course cost depends on the instructors. If the course instructor is an MVP (Microsoft Valuable Professional), you’ve to spend a good amount of money on your training.

And without training, you can not expect to keep yourself updated with the current trend.

You know Excel well. But Excel has come with some new features in recent times. So, you need further training.

Or, you’re using Excel 2010 and your office has updated with the latest version of Excel (when I’m writing this post, Excel 2016 is the latest version), so you need training on Excel 2016.

Online training has made it possible to get trained by an Excel MVP even if you’re living in an African country where internet speed is damn slow.

So, for us, the internet and online training is a blessing.

Coursera and Udemy are two places where you can get enrolled in Free Online Training on Excel or any other topic.

Udemy has made online training one step easier for us. Before Udemy had been on the market, you had to buy Excel or other professional courses at high prices.

But Udemy has made a good field for the general tech users who cannot afford high price courses. Even you can now buy an Excel MVP’s course for $10 to $15. Unbelievable, right?

And even some Udemy courses are free.

I’ve listed here courses from two places: Coursera and Udemy. Check out them and enroll!

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Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization

Excel to Sql Free Course


Udemy – Enroll 40+ Free Online Excel Course with Certificates

All the listed courses here are free. And most importantly: they are lifetime access. I mean if you enroll today, you’re a lifetime student of the course. If the course is live at Udemy (either open for all or hidden for private students), you’re a student of the course. So, you can watch the course at your own pace.

The courses are also accessed via mobile or TV. If the instructors allow download of the course materials, you can download all the videos and other materials and watch the course offline.

And the Udemy platform is highly optimized and user-friendly. Just enroll in a course, and make yourself introduced to the largest marketplace for online courses.

Excel for Accountants: Mapping Tables


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Intermediate Excel: Crash Course w/ Downloadable Excel Files



Excel 2016 Pivot Tables: Create Basic Pivot Tables in Excel



Easy Excel Basics for Beginners – Get Started with Excel



Microsoft Excel – Improve your skills quickly



Excel 2016 Course – Beginners Excel Tips Part 1



Excel 2016 Course- Beginners Excel Tips Part 2



Learn Excel Ninja Shortcuts



Useful Excel for Beginners



Excel Formulas and Functions with Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet



Fun Excel Learning



MS Excel – From 0 to Working Professional in 1 hour



Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Editing Cells & Cell Contents



Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010



Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Modifying Columns & Rows



The Beginning Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013



Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Objects, Macros, & Pivot Tables



How to use Excel for Your Home Business Administration



Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorial – Overview for the Beginners to Advance



Excel: Application of Pivot Table in AML/CFT Investigations



Excel Quick Start Tutorial: 36 Minutes to Learn the Basics



Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Using the Ribbon



Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: General Formatting Tricks



Productivity in Excel using ExTool



Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Working with Borders



Microsoft Excel Course – Intermediate Training



Introduction to Microsoft Excel for Absolute Beginners


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