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This article will provide you with seven Excel VBA projects for practice. One with advanced knowledge of Excel should be able to solve all problems with ease. You need to know the following topics to solve the problems: count colored cells, clear the contents of specific cells, create a digital clock, display all possible permutations, send email following a list, spell dollar amounts to words, prepare a simple calculator, and use VBA textbox datepicker. Additionally, you should know how to make VBA code faster and enable the developer tab. Excel 2013 or later versions will be enough to solve the problems.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the Excel file from the following link.

Problem Overview

There are seven exercises related to the Excel VBA projects for practice. Each of them has a distinct dataset. The exercises are provided in the “Problem” sheet, and the solutions to those are in the “Solution” sheet. In addition, this article’s introduction lists the problems’ solutions in order. The first exercise is shown in the following picture.

Problem Overview

Let’s go through the exercises for this article.

  • Project 01: Spell Dollar Amount in Words
    • Twenty dollar amounts are given. Your task is to spell the amount in words using a custom VBA function.
  • Project 02: Send Email to a List of Recipients
    • The second project is to send the exact email to a list of people. The email will be on the BCC field of the Outlook application.
  • Project 03: Create a Basic Calculator
    • You will create a simple calculator, where a user will input two numbers. Then, he or she will press any of the four common operation buttons (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divide) and it will be shown in an output cell. Additionally, create a button to clear the cell contents.
  • Project 04: Prepare a Digital Clock
    • In this exercise, your task is to create a digital clock using the VBA code. There will be two buttons. The first one will start the clock, and the other will stop the clock.
  • Project 05: Display All Possible Permutations
    • Create a VBA code to show all the possible permutations of a four digit string. You will input the value in cell D76 and then the output will be shown in the cell range B70:B93.
  • Project 06: Count Cells by Fill Color
    • Marks of twenty students are provided. Your task is to create a VBA code to create a custom function to count the lime colored cells.
  • Project 07: Create VBA Date Picker
    • In this exercise, you will create a date picker using the UserForm. Then, return the value in the cell B125.

The following animated image shows a custom function to count cells by the fill color.

Finally, the image below depicts the solution to the first exercise.

Excel VBA Projects for Practice


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