Excel Money Management Template [Free Download]

In this Excel article, we will share some money management templates in Excel through which you can gain better control over your financial health.

Excel Money Management Template - Overview

Download the Excel Money Management Template

Click on the button below to download the money management template in Excel for free. Our simple template will provide you with a financial overview, actual and budgeted income and expense categorization, debts, and savings plans.
Download Excel Money Management Template

For: Excel 2007 or later
License: Private Use

You can use this template for personal money management purposes, and also, you may customize it for corporate purposes. These money management templates in Excel are very useful for efficient money management and better planning, monitoring, and control of financial matters.

What Is Money Management?

In the corporate finance domain, money management is a broad and generalized term, and it is used for all the services and solutions across the entire investment and corporate finance industry. This term is frequently referred to budgeting, saving, investing, and spending money. It is sometimes used to define the supervision task of fund users and financial managers.

Excel Money Management Template

Excel Money Management Template

Common Features of Excel Money Management Template

  • A typical money management template in Excel should have a system of recording transactions.
  • The template should separate sections for monitoring income and tracking expense patterns, planning and strategizing savings and investments and keeping track of expenses.
  • Keep in mind that the primry objective of the Excel money management template is to enhance or maximize wealth.
  • Besides a basic money management template in Excel, we will explore some widely used money management templates, like a transaction record template, income and expense tracker template, etc. The templates are included in the other sheets in the downloadable Excel money management template.

Transaction Record Template

Here’s a simple transaction record template in Excel. You can customize this template according to your preferences.

Transaction Record Template

The above template includes columns for the date, description, post reference, debit and credit amounts, and their totals. At the top, some spaces (on the left) are reserved to put your company information, and on the right a quick balance of your fund. You can add more columns or rows as necessary.

Income and Expense Tracker Template

The income and expense tracker template has columns for date, selection of income or expense, payment types (cash or credit), and amounts.
Income & Expense Tracker Template

Add more columns or rows if you need them.

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