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This article contains six Excel practice exercises related to the SUM function. The problems are easy to solve, so you will only need a basic level of Excel knowledge to solve them. To solve all the problems, you should know the following: the SUM function, the SUMIF function, the Fill Handle, the AutoSum feature, Excel VBA, enabling the Developer tab, and custom cell formatting. You will need at least Excel 2010 to solve all the problems.

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Problem Overview

In this article, you will get six exercises related to the SUM function. To illustrate the problems, we have used a dataset. This dataset represents the order information for a fast food restaurant. Additional information is provided in the “Reference Tables” sheet, and the worked out exercises are in the “Solution” sheet. Moreover, relevant hints are given as notes in the file.

Problem Overview of Excel SUM Function Practice Exercises

  • Exercise 01 Add Consecutive Cells: In the first exercise, you will need to find the total time worked for each of the employees and return the values in column K.
  • The following animated image shows the solution to the first problem. Here, we have hidden some columns for better presentation.

  • Exercise 02 Aggregate Non-consecutive Cells: You will calculate the total sales value from the odd positioned cell (i.e. position 1,3,5, etc.).
    • You will need to input all the cell cells and separate them with commas inside the SUM function to solve this.
  • Exercise 03 Summation of Entire Row: Your task is to find the total work completed by finding the summation of the entire row for the employee named Salli.
  • Exercise 04 Use Shortcut to Get Total Value: In this exercise, you will use a shortcut key to find the AutoSum to find the total sales.
  • Exercise 05 Add Values based on Criteria by Inserting a Helper Column: First, compute the total of the more than 8 hours only. After that, use the SUM function to find the total values from the previous operation.
  • Exercise 06 VBA SUM Function: In this last exercise, your task is to find the total sales value by using the VBA SUM function.

The final exercise is depicted in the image below. Here, we have hidden some columns for better presentation.

Excel SUM Function Practice Exercises


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