How to Design an Employee Details Form in Excel (Free Template)



Step 1: Inserting Organization Information

  • Begin by adding the organization’s information to the employee details form.
  • Input the following basic institution details (such as address, phone number, and email) into cells B2:B4.

  • Next, insert the company logo into the employee form:
    • Select cell G2.
    • In the Insert tab, click the drop-down arrow next to Picture and choose This Device from the Illustrations group.

Inserting logo in the form from the device

    • A dialog box called Insert Picture will appear.
    • Select your company logo and click Insert.

    • The logo will be inserted.

Employee details form after adding organizations information

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Step 2: Design Employee Information Section

  • Select the range of cells B6:J6.
  • In the Home tab, click Merge & Center from the Alignment group to merge the cell.

Merge cells to show the section title

  • Write Employee Information as the title in the merged cell.
  • Format the cell as desired.

  • Specify the cells for inputting the employee’s name in row 8 (consider adding an example for accuracy).

Insert employee name area

  • Rows 9 and 10 are for the employee’s address.

  • Add relevant entities in rows 11:14.

Add all information title in the employee details information form

  • Include an emergency contact person’s name, relationship, and contact information.

Final outlook after adding the Employee Information secton in the employee details form

  • Your Employee Information section is now ready for input.

Step 3: Add Job Information Section

  • Select the range of cells B18:J18.
  • Merge the cell using Merge & Center in the Home tab.

Merge cells to show the title of the Job Information section

  • Type Job Information as the title in the merged cell and format it.

  • Divide the section into two parts:
    • Left section (cells B19:B23): Designation, supervisor’s name, work location, work phone number, and supervisor’s email address.

Adding the supervisor information in the employee details form

    • Right section (cells G19:G23): Additional job-related details.

Final outlook of the form after completing all the steps

  • Your employee details form is complete!

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Step 4: Verify with Sample Data

  • Input sample data into the form.
  • The final outlook should resemble the image shown below.

Employee details form in Excel with some sample data


Things to Remember

When you add the phone no, Excel may not allow you to show the ‘plus (+)’ sign before the numeric number. Adding an apostrophe sign before the phone number will solve the problem.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here:

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